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21 Days of Wonder: Sky

Margaret —  January 23, 2013 — 13 Comments

21 Days of Wonder SKY

God’s sanctuary in the sky awaits us all. Take fifteen minutes to look, really look, at all the lights in the sky—the disc that is the moon, the Milky Way, the stars, even the planes that shoot across night’s canopy. Even if there’s light pollution, take note of the shadows and the textures above. Continue Reading...

The wonder of God is all around us—waiting to be discovered in our families, workplaces, schools, churches and even the night’s sky. Sweet Lorna recently posted this on her blog, Follow 2 Serve, and I just couldn’t not share it.

Wonderstruck by the Night's Sky

As I stood outside bracing myself against the porch’s column (hoping not to fall from my dog jumping on me) I could not help but wonder.

It was 39 degrees (cold for South Louisiana). I am in my coat looking up and toward the South/Southeastern Night Sky.

I saw the first one – then another one. The third one was huge.
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