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Christians Behaving Awesomely: The Story of Brent Cunningham & The Boston Marathon

All too often Christians make headlines for negative actions or attitudes. These stories tend to garner the most media buzz. But in the midst of the Boston Marathon tragedy, one Christian made international news for his act of kindness and generosity. [Tweet this]

Shortly after the bombs exploded, Brent and Karin Cunningham, along with their daughter Megan, encountered a runner who was unable to finish the race because of the explosions. Marathon rules only allow for those who finish the race to collect a medal, and Laura Wellington was a half-mile from the finish line when the bombs detonated. Continue Reading...

5 Behind the Scenes Secrets from The Organic God

One of the amazing gifts of a DVD recording is that it captures you in time and space in that moment! The images, scenes, and words are forever frozen in time.

Along with your hair style. And hair color. And wardrobe. And make up. Or lack there of.

Here are 5 Behind the Scenes Secrets that you may not know from The Organic God DVD series: Continue Reading...

5 Things to Know about Living in Alaska

This past week we had the opportunity to return to Alaska and visit Leif's family in Sitka as well as spend the weekend in Juneau as part of Chapel by the Lake's annual church renewal. We had a delightful time and I was reminded of some of things I had forgotten about living in Alaska: Continue Reading...