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“The seventh day of creation is the most eloquent and insightful as to the nature of God. From a literary perspective, the Sabbath forms the pinnacle of the story. Like the dramatic kiss of a soldier returning from war, this is the moment we’re not meant to miss. In choosing rest as the grand finale, God reveals himself as one driven by neither anxiety nor fear but one who finds gladness in both the work of creation and the creation of work.”

--Margaret Feinberg, Wonderstruck

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I find myself wonderstruck by how God is revealing His wonders to readers far and near who are answering the call to…

Lift your head.

Open your eyes.

And live awake and aware.

We’ve been flooded with stories, testimonies, and tales of people—just like you—learning to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK each day.

For today’s Sunday Still, I wanted to share just one: Continue Reading...

Could Lack of Sleep Be Ruining Faith?

As I've been proofing Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God (from Worthy Publishing and Lifeway) book and working on the accompanying Bible study, I've found  myself welling up with tears and prayers that the Holy Spirit will well up in you as you read each chapter.

Years ago someone asked me, "What's the biggest thing that causes you to sin?"

I thought about that question for awhile. I considered the temptation to overeat at a fancy buffet, the advertisement of that sexy shirtless guy, the juiciness of gossip, the enticement of breaking the rules, the pride that so easily creeps into our hearts, and much more. Temptation takes so many different forms. But as I reflected on the thing that causes me to sin the most, I only had one answer: Continue Reading...

Tiger's Apology, Lent, & Repentance

I don’t feature guest columnists often, but my friend, Magrey deVega (pastor of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Cherokee, Iowa) wrote a thought-provoking piece on Tiger Wood’s apology that seamlessly fits into the Lenten season. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Thanks, Magrey.

Dear Lenten Pilgrims,

When celebrities sin, it’s voyeuristic entertainment.  We hang on every word of every detail, and dissect their apologies like a science lab experiment. That’s why Tiger Woods’ confession last Friday seemed to garner so much attention, with millions viewing it live on television and on the web.

It is impossible to gauge his true motivations behind his apology.  He could have been trying to repair his public image, or express genuine remorse, or both.  But what we do know is what he said: Continue Reading...