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“The seventh day of creation is the most eloquent and insightful as to the nature of God. From a literary perspective, the Sabbath forms the pinnacle of the story. Like the dramatic kiss of a soldier returning from war, this is the moment we’re not meant to miss. In choosing rest as the grand finale, God reveals himself as one driven by neither anxiety nor fear but one who finds gladness in both the work of creation and the creation of work.”

--Margaret Feinberg, Wonderstruck

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I find myself wonderstruck by how God is revealing His wonders to readers far and near who are answering the call to…

Lift your head.

Open your eyes.

And live awake and aware.

We’ve been flooded with stories, testimonies, and tales of people—just like you—learning to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK each day.

For today’s Sunday Still, I wanted to share just one: Continue Reading...

Sunday Stills

Margaret —  February 24, 2013 — 3 Comments

Sunday Stills

“On the Sabbath, the world rests firmly in the palms of God. Neither the stars nor the birds fall from the sky. But unlike the other days of creation, the entry is missing the closing refrain, ‘And there was evening and there was morning the [insert the numeral] day.’ All other days close with the same chorus, except the seventh. Why? Maybe because God is inviting us to enter rest and reminding us that the invitation has no expiration date.”

–Margaret Feinberg, Wonderstruck (page 69) Continue Reading...