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Think you are hearing from God?  Check out these 4 Questions to Ask Yourself when you are trying to decide

Often when God speaks, he will say the same thing through a sermon, a passage of Scripture, a chance conversation, or an unexpected encounter. When we begin looking for these sacred echoes, we are better able to recognize God's voice in our life and walk more confidently in the fullness of what God has for us. Continue Reading...

One of the Biggest Lies the Church Has Taught You

Throughout Scripture, Jesus uses natural wonders to explain supernatural truths. From fruitless figs  and buzzing bees to choking weeds and lost sheep, it’s no secret that the Bible is steeped in an agrarian culture.

Now I never used to think about sheep very much. Or shepherds for that matter. But then I met someone who changed all of that. You’ll meet Lynne the Shepherdess in your homework during the online Scouting the Divine Summer Bible Study this week.

Ever since my encounter with Lynne, I’ve read everything I can get my hands on the subject. The Bible contains almost 700 references to sheep, shepherds and flocks. God not only uses these wooly creatures to reveal truths about himself and draw people into a closer relationship with Him.

One of the great mistruths taught in the church is that sheep are dumb. This teaching has almost done more harm to understanding the character of God and who He has created us to be than any other.

Think about that common fallacy: Sheep are dumb.

First, it’s not true. Sheep can be trained much like dogs and other pets using clicker training. Check out this YouTube video. Continue Reading...

Bored Reading the Bible? Try this.

On far too many days I read the Bible and don’t connect. It feels flat. Cold. Distant. The pages may contain timeless tales, but they feel boring. Flat. Stiff. They feel written endless miles away, in distant cultures, far off lands, a way of life I can’t relate to no matter how I try.

Some days I slam the book shut, hoping, praying the next time will be better. Continue Reading...

The Secret Gift to Growing Older

I recently had my Bible rebound.

I’ve had it for well-over a decade and it’s literally traveled tens of thousands of miles with me—physically and spiritually.

It’s pages provided comfort during the long dark winters in Alaska, hope during times of transition when we returned to Colorado, and wisdom for various steps along the way. In the end, I had the wrinkled pages of my Bible pressed, additional blank pages added to the back, five new ribbons, and a genuine leather cover that smells, well, like fresh cow skin.


But in all honesty, what I was really paying for were the things money couldn’t buy: the years of notes, the prayer lists, the underlined and circled passages, the dates where particular scriptures were the most impactful. Continue Reading...

How to Live in the Present

Margaret —  December 25, 2013 — 42 Comments

How to Live in the Present

If only I can get through this season of life.

I just can’t wait until graduation... finances are in order… life becomes easier.

Counting down the days until vacation.

I wish I had a spouse… a child… a family…a job.

I’ve been known to whisper a few of those things before. How about you?

Even as children of God, we can be guilty of wishing away seasons of life. Instead of engaging in the present, our eyes are glued to the future.

We can miss out on the grace available to us right here. Right now.

Today, will you accept the challenge to live fully in the moment?

Here are 4 ways to begin living present starting today: Continue Reading...