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Mistakes that Refine Instead of Define

Welcome to Week Five of Pursuing God’s Beauty: Stories from the Gospel of John. This summer, we’re digging deep into God’s Word and praying that with a word, passage, or story we will be wonderstruck by Scripture and fall in love with the Bible once again, or maybe for the first time. (Join us! Click here).

Here are four things you must know before diving into John 18-19: Continue Reading...

Sunday Still: God’s Broken and Beautiful Canvases

“God showcases the beauty of his work on broken and imperfect canvases. Continue Reading...

When Worship Hurts

Margaret —  June 27, 2013 — 3 Comments

When Worship Hurts

I remember years ago, I was part of a community in a local church that had some specific needs. The church couldn’t meet those needs because they didn’t have the budget. As I watched the needs grow, I knew I had to do something, and I wrote a check for what at the time was a significant amount of money specifically to help this community.

I remember the sense of anticipation and excitement as I handed the check to the pastor and explained some of the needs I had been seeing in the group and how the money could help. He was grateful, and I walked away encouraged, glad to be part of what I felt God wanted to do within the community. The gift had really cost me something; it was an act of worship.

Months rolled by, and I noticed the needs in the group were still unmet. I patiently waited for something to change, someone to do something. Nothing happened. I finally went to the leadership and asked why did we still have these needs in our community? They said they didn’t have the money to help.

But I made a donation. I wrote a check. Continue Reading...

Sunday Still: Captivated by His Love

“God longs for us to long for him. Continue Reading...

Why We Don’t See Clearly: Exposing Blind Spots

A few years ago I began to notice a pattern in my life. Namely that whenever I am getting to know someone new I will offer to drive us somewhere together—maybe to grab lunch or go run an errand, and the person will say Yes. The first time. That is also the last time.

The second time we go somewhere together, I’ll offer to drive and they’ll say, “No, no, no, I’ll drive.” I was fine with it, until I began to notice the pattern.

Namely, there’s something in my driving that made them not want to get in the car when I’m behind the wheel. I naturally began to wonder, “What’s wrong with my driving?”

The answer is, “A lot!” Continue Reading...