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What is Disobedience Really Costing You?

We experience moments when The Holy nudges us to do something or leave something undone.

Yet we resist. By…

Ignoring the prod to pick up the phone and apologize.

Resisting the urge to give.

Uttering the unkind word though we know we should keep silent.

Breaking the confidence we promised to keep.

The Holy prompts us toward that which rings with righteousness, that which illuminates us as children of God.

The feeling often comes on strong like a gushing wind lunging forward from within. But if we resist, the gust reduces to a breeze then stills to a calm. We miss the moment.

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The ONE Thing God is Asking Of You Today

Even after years of following Jesus, I’m still slack-jawed by what God will use to speak to His people.

I found this to be particularly true this last weekend. Continue Reading...

SIMPLE OBEDIENCEWe’re moving forward in being Wonderstruck by Scripture in The 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge. As I’ve been reading this week, I’ve been wonderstruck by the number of cray, cray, or crazytown stories in the Bible. [Tweet this] I’ve read them before, but every so often I find myself awestruck again. Did you notice any? I was taken back again by a few of these:

In 2 Samuel 20 where Joab gets his pirate on and punctures Amasa with a sword. Guts spill to the ground. Double ew!

Or 2 Samuel 24, where God feels the pain of the terror of the 70,000 people who die from an epidemic and tells the angel, “Enough’s enough! Pull back!”

Or that trickster holy man in 1 Kings 13.

Or Zarephath, the owner of the original Biscuitville (1 Kings 16).

Or that crazy gourd story (2 Kings 4). Continue Reading...



I recently had the opportunity to get the insider scoop on Mark Beuving and Francis Chan's book Multiply: Disciples Making DisciplesFrancis Chan.
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