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Over the years, I’ve found some incredible mentors in my life—people who have spoken words of wisdom and guidance into our marriage, finances, personal life, and ministry. These people have left me wonderstruck by the richness they've added into my life.  But to be honest, finding such people hasn’t been easy. At times, I’ve reached out to people I hoped would become mentors who didn’t respond, didn’t have time, or didn’t particularly connect with the idea. Other times, I’ve waited for people to reach out to me, even dropping hints along the way, but the relationship never developed.

Here are four keys I’ve discovered to finding the perfect mentor:

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5 Ways to Avoid Burning Out in Ministry

We've all felt it.

Moments of defeat. Seasons of exhaustion. Times where we want to throw up our hands and say "I can't do this anymore!"

You're not alone.

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How to Be A Mentor

Margaret —  February 6, 2010 — 2 Comments

How to Be A Mentor

I'm often asked about the importance of mentoring, and I think it's something that our generation craves. We long for older, wiser people to come into our lives and walk alongside of us.

We want them to love us, pray for us, challenge us, and root for us.

Yet a good mentor is hard to find. Part of the challenge is that our expectations are out of line. We may look to a mentor to be a kind of expert, sage, or counselor beyond their expertise, ability, or comfort level.

A good mentor is simply someone who will walk beside you who has a little bit more dust on them. They may have been down the same road or a different one, but they know you're better off not taking it alone. They know when to speak, when to listen, and when to silently pray. Being a good mentor (or mentoree) isn't easy. There's always some stumbling and fumbling involved, but knowing that someone is for you and with goes a long way to smooth things over.

How to Be A Mentor

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