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3 Things To Do When People Leave Your Small Group Small Groups. We’ve all been in one where the numbers continue to whittle down until it’s just you and the leader left.

But when you’re the one leading, what do you do if people start leaving yours?

Here are three things to do when people leave your small group: Continue Reading...

What Are You Saved For?

Margaret —  August 29, 2011 — 5 Comments

What Are You Saved For?

Lately, I've been reflecting on Abram's calling in Genesis 12. God reaches out to someone who frankly doesn't know God from a coconut and gives him a specific mandate: Continue Reading...

Say Goodbye to That Annoying Word, Phrase, or Expression

Well, um, we all know at least one. Some of us know a hundred or more. Those words, expressions, and phrases that are annoying, exhausting, and if you look really closely say nothing at all. I recently posted on this topic and was intrigued by the response, so I wanted to continue the conversation: Continue Reading...

When Life's Pace Changes Suddenly: The Grinding Gears

We've just crossed the finish line on end of the year holidays and though the tree still needs to be put away and the wrapping paper recycled, I find myself struggling a bit with the transition of it all. Continue Reading...

Seeing Like Jesus Does

Margaret —  November 8, 2010 — 5 Comments

Seeing Like Jesus Does

I stumbled on something while studying the Scripture.

The journey began in the book of Genesis where Sarai rejects Hagar after she becomes impregnated by Abram (even though it was what Sarai really wanted--yet another reminder that one of God's most gracious answers in our lives is "no"). Hagar runs for her life and has an encounter with God.

In one of the most endearing passages, Hagar names God. No other woman names God in the Pentateuch. She titles God, The God Who Sees. Continue Reading...