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4 Powerful Ways to Fight with Joy Today

People fight adversity with many tools. Anger. Sadness. Denial. Frustration.

But my weapon of choice for this fight is joy.

I’ve been trying to fight with laughter and happiness and levity and winsomeness and mirth and gladness and gratefulness. Some days I fare far better than others. But I’m still continuing the fight.

Will you join me? Will you choose to fight with joy no matter your circumstance or adversity?

Here are 4 powerful ways to fight with joy today: Continue Reading...


This week, I'm giving away three copies of Just Lead! by my friends, Jenni Catron and Sherry Surratt. Jenni serves as the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. Sherry is the CEO of MOPS International. I recently had the chance to chat with Jenni and ask her a few questions about their new book, Just Lead!: A No Whining, No Complaining, No Nonsense Practical Guide for Women Leaders in the Church. Continue Reading...

Father Reveal Your Wonder to MeSweet Friends,

Emails, facebook posts, and twitter messages continue to pour in. Brothers and sisters around the world are taking the plunge, praying for wonder, opening their eyes and hearts to God's presence. I just wanted to drop in and share with you some of the testimonies I've received.

Because when you pray for wonder, God will answer. And the ways he responds may not be what you expect or anticipate, but will certainly leave you wonderstruck. Continue Reading...

Jenni Catron

You may not have heard of my friend, Jenni Catron, but this is a gal you're gonna be hearing more from. She's the executive director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and oversees the ministry of the church's five campuses. She is the founder of Cultivate Her, a community she's building to connect, engage, and inspire women leaders. She teaches, leads, writes, and passionately shares the love of God.

Throughout this year, I want to introduce you to some of my friends. People whose voices I know, respect, and appreciate. Their words often challenge me in my thinking and faith. I hope they'll challenge you, too. Enjoy!

"What you are doing is not good."

Has anyone ever said that to you? Continue Reading...