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9 Don’t Miss Details from Pixar’s Inside Out

Yesterday I shared how Inside Out Busts Through 5 Myths of Your Emotions: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Sorrow, Disgust.

The movie is still dancing in my mind.

I couldn’t help but watch Inside Out through the lenses of all I’ve learned through researching joy and happiness for Fight Back With Joy.

Here are 10 details of Inside Out I adored: Continue Reading...

If Gathering

Jennie Allen convinced me that I had to attend my first ever IF: Gathering in February.

“You just have to be there,” she persisted. “I just know it.”

One of Jennie’s many giftings is that she’s a persuasive force to be reckoned with. When Jennie knows something deep in her bones, you know it, too. You can’t help it.

“I’ll think. I’ll pray. I’ll consider,” I promised.

Other invitations and opportunities loomed large. Yet in the quiet of my gut, I sensed the nudge that IF was a way of God asking me to trust, to make a significant sacrifice, to lunge forward in faith.

I joined 1200 women in a beautiful auditorium all asking God, “What IF?” The answer came in the most unexpected way. Continue Reading...

Sometimes We Ask What and Why Too Early

“Were you angry with God over the cancer?” the radio host pressed.

Silence hung in the air. Continue Reading...

What to Do When Your Future Feels Flimsy

Two white, wooden rocking chairs move in rhythm on a crisp spring morning. The pinkish hues of dawn disappear as the sun climbs into the sky. My fingers clutch my husband, Leif’s knee. The back of my hand is marred by the wrinkles and sunspots I’ve long since given up trying to fight and learned to embrace them as the signs of a life well-lived.

My vision of the future may look wildly different than yours, but what do you do when circumstances, hardship, and trials blur your vision? Steal your hope? Continue Reading...

How Prayer Healed My Story

Margaret —  August 1, 2014 — 36 Comments

Let me introduce you to my friend, Mary. Mary DeMuth is the author of over a dozen books including Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing After Sexual Abuse. She has spoken around the country and the world about living an uncaged, freedom-infused life. She lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her family and three dysfunctional pets. Follow Mary on Twitter and Facebook.

Over the last several weeks, I've invited friends to share their words in this space as we explore the mysteries of prayer during the Summer Bible Study.

How Prayer Healed My Story

by Mary DeMuth

The first time I told my sexual abuse story (ten years post trauma), I was unbelieved. I had to re-tell the story several times, convincing the person that, yes, I had been molested. The exercise felt humiliating and excruciating. And I doubted that I’d ever tell it again. I remember hiding inside myself, questioning why I’d been so vulnerable.

I still felt caged by my story, and I lamented that I’d never be free.

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