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The 8 Worst Ideas For Leadership Growth

Many articles are dedicated to nurturing a leader's growth, giving practical advice and insights. But what about those who don't want to grow to become a good leader? Look no further. Here are the 8 worst ideas for leadership growth: [Tweet this]
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talk smack

Pulling into a church parking lot, I often find myself groaning at the bold, brazen, and boisterous declarations people make on the back of their cars.

There’s always the classic, “My child is an honor student” and the retort, “Your honor student sells bumper stickers!”

But I’m amazed when Christians really get into it. Like the Jesus fish stomping Darwin. Or the “God is not a Democrat” and “God is not a Republican” that gain popularity every four years. Or a church in Denver whose bumper stickers read, “My church can kick your church’s a–!”

Why do churchgoers place hard-to-peel-off statements on the back of their vehicles?

Because Christians love to talk smack!

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Wondederstruck Video


Some people are funny. A few people are hilarious.

Joe Kirkendall is Hi-larious. He’s The MILL’s Teaching Pastor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and co-author of The College Adventure Handbook. He decided to make this ridiculously awesome—I don’t know how else to describe it—video about Wonderstruck.
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Black Friday is that glorious day after Thanksgiving which marks the first day of the holiday shopping season. In the past several years, the Friday has been the busiest day of the shopping year. Where did "Black Friday" come from? Philadelphians first began using the term before 1966 to refer to the thick mob of pedestrian and car traffic. Black Friday also refers to the black ink used in retail stores to show a profit.

Follow my guide to ensure you save the most money!
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