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If You’re Facing a Crisis, You’ll Understand Why This is So Important

You may be facing a situation in your life right now where you desperately need to hear from God.

An unexpected death in the family. A broken friendship. Infertility. Loneliness. Crippling debt.

God’s voice is more than an option. It is a lifeline.

God’s voice will breathe life and vibrancy into you. It will infuse you with hope. It will fill you with wisdom. It offers freedom from fear, anxiety, and worry.

God is ready to speak. But are you ready to listen? Continue Reading...

Sick of Letting ‘Worry,’ ‘Anxiety,’ and ‘Fear’ Define Who You Are? Read This.

If you’ve ever driven down the highway in the south, you’ve probably seen kudzu.

This twining plant has stems that can extend from any node to attach to and climb surfaces or anchor itself to the ground. The green, leafy vine wraps itself around electric line poles, old buildings, and can even blanket the entire side of a hill.

Kudzu was first introduced to the Southeast in 1883 at the New Orleans exposition and marketed as an ornamental plant used to shade porches. It was used to help control soil erosion. Eventually the US government began funding kudzu plantings and helped support the distribution of 85 million seedlings. Following crop failures, farmers began moving to more urban areas, leaving kudzu plantings unattended. Kudzu continued to grow freely. By 1970, kudzu was reclassified as a weed; by 1997, it was listed on the Federal Noxious Weed List.

Today, kudzu is known as “the vine that ate the South.”

Scientists have discovered that as the invasive weed spreads, it smothers other plants under its leaves. It has been known to surround tree trunks, break branches and even uproot an entire tree. The vine that appeared helpful at first has shown itself to be incredibly harmful to the ecology and land.

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A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

A baby bird flew into our house.

I’d left the back door open to drink in the crisp air never expecting a winged creature to begin whizzing through various rooms, perching on door frames, staring at me from the ceiling fan.

Leif and I tried everything we knew to scoot our new friend to safety. The tiny bird didn't understand that the dashing was dangerous. The distrust made it more difficult to set him free.

The incident reminded me that we do this sometimes, too. Continue Reading...

When Life Spirals Out of Control

My four-pound superpup, Hershey brings so much joy to my life. Even with his small size, he certainly packs a powerful punch in the ways God uses him in my life.

I think back to a few years ago when Leif and I met him for the first time.

Tiny. Timid. Fearful.

As we gently picked him up to take him home for the first time, fear filled his body. We were taking him from everything he knew and was familiar—and it showed.

No eye contact. Tail between the legs. His tiny body trembling.

The whole drive we tried to offer comfort. We stroked his soft fur. We held him close. We kept repeating: Trust me. You’re going to be okay. Just trust me little Hershey. We’re going to take care of you.  

But he didn’t listen or understand. Like a horse with blinders, he was only focused on the fear around him, not realizing that we had his best intentions in mind and the fullness of life we were offering him. Continue Reading...

Trusting God Even When You’re Afraid (Wednesdays with Walter)

It's no secret that Leif and I have struggled over the years to connect spiritually through our personal times of devotion. In the early days of our marriage, we tried a laundry list of things that simply didn't work.

One year, we began reading Oswald Chambers together on January 1st.

By January 18, we couldn't even find the book.

We attempted reading the same passages of scripture for discussion, but also felt a sense of awkward disconnect. We tried reading the same books, listening to the same sermons among other practices, and yet it always felt forced, unnatural, anything but, well, organic. Continue Reading...