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9 Must-Visit Restaurants around Denver, Colorado

Leif and I are guilty of watching far too much Food Network. We love us some Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives. We ogle over the offerings of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. We subscribe to Cook’s Illustrated. We’ve been known to drive an hour to eat a watermelon basil popsicle. We take our food with one helping of seriousness and two helpings of fun.

Looking for somewhere delicious to eat in the Denver-Metro area? Check out these Foodie Finds: [Tweet this]


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Waiting on the Promises of God

Colorado is a land of majesty and beauty, but also a harsh, rugged, and formidable landscape.

In the early settlement days, the rugged terrain and the harsh winters were so brutal and unforgiving that even imagining the possibility of a mile high city rising up from the Rocky Mountain foothills must have made those settlers chuckle and shake their heads in disbelief.

160 years later, the Colorado landscape is still a wild and unpredictable force of nature, but an equally magnificent city called Denver has sprung up on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

And for all of us who live here, it is just as beautiful and engaging as the wildlife that surrounds it. From the Wells Fargo Building to Union Station to the Denver Art Museum to the State Capitol Building, who would have thought that the little mining town of Denver would become such a vibrant city?

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like you expect. I’ve found this to be true not only in the stories of friends, family, people I meet wherever we travel, but also in my own life. I’ve struggled with issues in every category—from finances to faith to physical ailments—that have left me wondering, “Where are you God?” Continue Reading...

The Wonder of the Blunder

Little known secret: I love finding tools at the hardware store to incorporate into talks such as machetes, chainsaws-anything that’s metal and dangerous. So I thought, “What if I use a ladder?” while teaching at one of my favorite churches, Scum of the Earth, in Denver. Continue Reading...