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Why You Shouldn’t Read This Blog: Creating a Haterade-Free Zone  The landscape of Christian belief continues to become increasingly fractured. Lines aren’t just being drawn as much as bulldozed. Camps are being set up, artillery amassed, and snipers live on high alert.

No, I’m not talking about the doomsday-preppers, but the splintering groups of liberals, progressives, conservatives, ultra-conservatives, reformed, non-reformed, cool kids, home schooled kids, public school kids, those who take one perspective on homosexuality, those who take another, and still those who take a completely different stance all together, those who are for gun control, those who are against, those who believe prayer should be in the schools, those who believe we’re better off without it, those who pray nine hours a day, those who are lucky to squeeze in nine seconds, those who ___fill-in-the-blank___ and those who don’t—who claim to be followers of Jesus, lovers of God and find themselves expressing their views online.

The conversations among these groups about a myriad of topics have become increasingly heated, uncivil, unkind. Post a blog or perspective or insight that someone doesn’t agree with and the internet snipers come out to play—and they’re not just packing handguns, but far more powerful artillery.

The alliances often circle around who is right, really right, leaving everyone else wrong, wrong, wrong. [Tweet this]

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Finding Wisdom and Encouragement from Dan Cathy

A few weeks ago, I was sitting next to my sweet friend, Angela Thomas, at an Extraordinary Women event. She tugged on my sleeve. “Have you heard the story of Dan Cathy and Shane Windemeyer?”

“Um, no,” I said.

“Google it--you’ve got to read it, that’s the story that isn’t getting out.” Continue Reading...