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30 Ways You Can HEART Your Pastor

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.

It's a great time to say "thank you" to anyone and everyone on your church staff, including volunteers.

Here are 30 ways you can show your pastor encouragement, but don't be too shy to express the love to everyone who is working at your church:

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Do you have a friend, cousin, or spouse who is next to impossible to buy for? Maybe they are the person who has everything. Or they are the return-everything-ers. You just can’t win no matter how hard you try. Don't let their gift keep you from knocking out that shopping list. Here are 7 creative and original gift ideas to buy the person who has everything:
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Worship painter

Let me introduce you to my friend, Scott Erickson. Scott is the Artist-in-Residence at Ecclesia Church in Houston (led by Pastor Chris Seay). I recently featured Scott, Chris, and Ecclesia in a blog post about Tattoos and the season of Lent. Check it out, here.

Scott is probably the only person in the world who is an artist-in-residence at a church. He also travels around the world with various organizations, conferences, and events painting live for the audience.

Throughout this year, I want to introduce you to some of my friends. People whose voices I know, respect, and appreciate. Their words often challenge me in my thinking and faith. I hope they'll challenge you, too. Enjoy!
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4 Keys to Developing Sustainability In Your Life

I recently met with a new friend, Michael Hildago. I have a hunch you’ll be hearing more from and about Michael in the upcoming year or so. He’s engaging, thoughtful, and challenges the church to walk in the fullness of her beauty and strength. We talked about writing and churchland, and I shared a story from a few years ago.

While waiting for a church service to begin, I tucked away in the pastor’s office to pray and prepare. I soon became distracted by the bookshelf—the array of thoughtful titles and colorful covers revealed much about the pastor’s theology, soul questions, and life perspective. I was taken back by how many of the writers whose names I recognized, but if you asked me, “Where were they now?” I had no idea.

A few are still writing. A few are still in ministry. But many aren’t writing or in ministry any more.

“What makes the difference for those who have longevity?” Michael asked.

“Travel with your husband and dog,” I said, without hesitating.

“You travel with your dog?” Michael laughed.

“Yep!” I said. “The pack that travels together stays together.”

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