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The Little Miracle Behind the Recording of the Wonderstruck Audiobook

I recently spent two days in the studio recording Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God on audiobook in a studio in Denver. An entire Wednesday and Friday were reserved for the recording.

I’d never been to the studio before and the man handling the recording happened to be a Christian—even offered to pray with me before we began taping on Wednesday. Very kind.

When I returned to the studio on Friday, I asked, “How was your Thursday?”

"Terrible!" he said. Continue Reading...

Christians Behaving Awesomely: The Story of Brent Cunningham & The Boston Marathon

All too often Christians make headlines for negative actions or attitudes. These stories tend to garner the most media buzz. But in the midst of the Boston Marathon tragedy, one Christian made international news for his act of kindness and generosity. [Tweet this]

Shortly after the bombs exploded, Brent and Karin Cunningham, along with their daughter Megan, encountered a runner who was unable to finish the race because of the explosions. Marathon rules only allow for those who finish the race to collect a medal, and Laura Wellington was a half-mile from the finish line when the bombs detonated. Continue Reading...

talk smack

Pulling into a church parking lot, I often find myself groaning at the bold, brazen, and boisterous declarations people make on the back of their cars.

There’s always the classic, “My child is an honor student” and the retort, “Your honor student sells bumper stickers!”

But I’m amazed when Christians really get into it. Like the Jesus fish stomping Darwin. Or the “God is not a Democrat” and “God is not a Republican” that gain popularity every four years. Or a church in Denver whose bumper stickers read, “My church can kick your church’s a–!”

Why do churchgoers place hard-to-peel-off statements on the back of their vehicles?

Because Christians love to talk smack!

Now there are a few arguably good reasons to talk smack if you’re a Christian: Continue Reading...

Shane Claiborne

I want to introduce you to one of my friends, Shane Claiborne. Shane is a ordinary radical who heads up an organization called The Simple Way--a web of subversive friends conspiring to spread the vision of 'Loving God, Loving People, and Following Jesus' in our neighborhoods and in our world. Shane is also the author of The Irresistible Revolution, Jesus for President, andThe Book of Common Prayer.

Throughout this year, I want to introduce you to some of my friends. People whose voices I know, respect, and appreciate. Their words often challenge me in my thinking and faith. I hope they'll challenge you, too. Enjoy!

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