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Is the Pace of Our World is Moving Slower or Faster? The Answer Might Surprise You

Whizzing. Whirling. Whooshing.

If Dr. Seuss wrote a book about the pace our world, I’d expect frolicking words—swift and speedy, zipping and zapping, romping and rocketing—all dotting the pages.

Some finger point technology, others the never-ending to-do’s.

The cause is debatable, but I sense it deep in my gut. How are we already in the beginning of June? 2015 is almost half gone.

Time is like cash. Hard to earn, easy to spend, difficult to trace.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no spare moment to buckle your seat belt, latch your helmet, or prepare for take off when it comes to change.

I sense it deep in my gut. My hunch is you do, too.

As this graphic reveals, the radical social changes taking place all around us isn’t just our imaginations: Continue Reading...

The Secret of a Life Well-Lived

Sometimes it feels like the speed of change is surpassing the speed of sound. The explosion of change in technology, communication, and the world is booming all around.

In the midst of the noise, I find myself anchoring myself to the ancient truths found in the person of Jesus of Christ. Continue Reading...

Change Ahead

I recently stumbled on this infographic online and can’t get the imagery out of mind: [Tweet this] Continue Reading...

How Midrash Can Change Your Spiritual Life Forever

Growing up with a Jewish grandmother taught me a lot about my heritage. (I can make a mean Matzo ball soup!) But one thing she forgot to mention was the concept of Midrash—a type of Biblical exegesis that encourages us to get our fingers, elbows, and shoulders dirty as we dig deep into Scripture.

Midrash plunges head first into passages, where readers are encouraged to wrestle, argue, debate, and reflect over the unfamiliar verses of the Bible. [Tweet this] Midrash is the belief that God created a one-sided conversation through his Word, and it's our duty to hash it out and keep the conversation moving.

By wrestling over passages we discuss hard-to-answer questions like Why did Lot’s wife turn around? Or What was going through Isaac’s mind when Abraham tied him to the altar?

As I begin a Midrash of a specific passage, I often find myself looking into the people, places, and details that are commonly glanced over on the surface. So often, my findings unleash facets of each tale that draw me deeper into God's greater Story. [Tweet this]

Here are some helpful tips when it comes to Midrash: Continue Reading...

Giving Up Contempt For Lent

Margaret —  March 12, 2012 — 2 Comments

Giving Up Contempt For Lent

As Lent continues, and I’m determined to give up contempt for six weeks, I’m beginning to see more clearly the harm contempt does in my life. Contempt is like a wide wedge that slips in my life and my relationships—separating me from God and others whenever I allow it in. When contempt festers, that wedge becomes deeper and the separation gap grows wider. Continue Reading...