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Reflecting on 21 Days of Wonder journey is a little overwhelming.

Am so thankful for the ways God showed up- every single day.

And, am so thankful for YOU and everything that you shared along the way.

The community that formed leaves me… well… wonderstruck.

We encouraged each other. We prayed for each other. We giggled with each other. And, we celebrated. Lots! Continue Reading...


I’ve always struggled with being a little different from everyone else. My story never seemed to sound like everyone else’s story. Let me give you an example.

Sometimes people will ask me, “Where do your parents live?”

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best friends

A dear friend of mine recently had the opportunity to be on a national television news show to promote his new book. The catch: the time slot assigned was Thanksgiving Day.

“What should I do?” he asked.
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October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and we’re asking you to go out of your way to show your pastor and church staff how much you appreciate them. We recently shared 26 ideas on how to celebrate your pastor this month.

We invited you share stories of what you appreciate most about your pastor and members of your church staff in our October e-newsletter. We were overwhelmed by your responses! We already awarded a gift card to one pastor, but we quickly realized this is not enough. Too many great people are doing too many great things for their love of God, people, and the church.

We have a handful of gift cards to places such as Starbucks and iTunes, and we want to give your pastor and church staff a chance to win!

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How Do You Celebrate the Passover?

I recently asked this question in our monthly e-newsletter. What? You missed it? Simply subscribe on the homepage of this website.

We received some thoughtful and insightful responses that may be of help as you consider your own Passover celebration: Continue Reading...