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Giveaway: 5 Fun Facts About Scouting the Divine to Celebrate the 5th Printing

Sweet Friends,

I am humbled, honored, and downright thrilled to announce that Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey has entered into its 5th printing! To celebrate, I wanted to give a few extra special gifts. Continue Reading...

Preorder Fight Back With JoyDear Friend,

If we’re connected on social media, you may have heard that I was diagnosed with cancer and have been on a challenging journey.

To be completely honest, I was really unsure where the path would lead. I felt like my world hadn’t only turned upside-down, but it turned inside out. Nothing really felt safe and the last thing that I wanted to be was even more vulnerable than I already felt during the brutal treatments.

So I made the decision to focus on what God was speaking to me during that time and spend as many seconds as I possibly could with my family. The trade off was that I didn’t post updates about my treatments or details about my suffering. I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me and even though I felt so many people #prayforzero and was so touched by the outpouring of love- I also felt a little guilty.

Would people think that I was sharing because I wanted attention? Cancer does crazy things sometimes. But, in hindsight, there was something else that prevented me from sharing, too. Continue Reading...

It’s Time to Select Your Spring Bible Study (And FREE gifts)

Your Bible study and small group are moving along. You’re diving into Scripture. You’re getting to know each other better. People are opening up. You’re having Aha! moments through the teaching and homework. But now you’ve scooted your way toward the end of the study.

What’s next?

What if joy is more than you imagined? What if we could really know the right things to say or do when our friends face difficult circumstances? Continue Reading...

How To Launch The Best Bible Study Ever

How does your church launch small groups for the fall?

I had the opportunity to hang out with the ladies from Mission Hills Church in Littleton, Colorado, during their fall Bible study kick-off. They had the best idea for launching small group ministries, I just have to share. Continue Reading...

5 Reasons to Join an Online Bible Study What do you do about your weekly small group when your schedule gets crazy?

You can’t find a small group that meets on the only night you’re available.

The Bible study at your church doesn’t offer childcare.

You miss too many meetings because of the kid’s practices, concerts, and the never-ending carpool responsibilities.

Or maybe your church doesn’t offer small groups during the summer because of conflicting schedules. Continue Reading...