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Bored Reading the Bible? Try this.

On far too many days I read the Bible and don’t connect. It feels flat. Cold. Distant. The pages may contain timeless tales, but they feel boring. Flat. Stiff. They feel written endless miles away, in distant cultures, far off lands, a way of life I can’t relate to no matter how I try.

Some days I slam the book shut, hoping, praying the next time will be better. Continue Reading...

Here’s the Truth About Reading the Bible

Today, I want to turn cartwheels.

Why, do you ask? Continue Reading...

What You’ve Got to Know When You Open Up Your Bible

God is on the move through the #LentChallenge.

And it’s not just that more than 40,000 people have joined in.

It’s that the Holy Spirit is teaching, correcting, challenging, encouraging and breathing life into those who are reading the Bible in profound and downright amazing ways.

Consider the following story we just heard: Continue Reading...

The Most Misinterpreted Verse in The Bible Uncoded


We’re so grateful for the insight and wisdom of Dr . Craig L. Blomberg during the #LentChallenge.

He's been answering YOUR questions over the last several weeks and this week we asked him a big one: What is the most misinterpreted passage in the New Testament?

His response may surprise you: Continue Reading...

What to Do When Procrastination Gets the Best of You

Dear #LentChallenge Friends,

We had no idea so many people would want to join us for this #LentChallenge—reading the entire New Testament in 40 days. More than 40,000 people from around the world have joined us. We’ve seen fun photos, insights, comments, blogs, and more appearing throughout the web.

But let’s be honest. It’s easy to fall behind in bible reading. I know I’ve slipped a day (or more).

But that doesn’t mean you should quit.
That doesn’t mean you should give up.

That means it’s time to buckle down and get ready because Resurrection Day, Easter, is coming!

What to Do When Procrastination Gets the Best of You

Photo from @TheAdjustmentDept on Instagram

No matter how many days you’re behind—whether 3 or 17—keep reading! Keep crossing off the boxes and diving into Scripture. I double dog dare you to continue pursuing God in his Word. Like rifling through a treasure box, gems are waiting to be uncovered. God has something big in store for you and for me during this Lenten season.

Here are 5 secrets to catch up on Bible reading:  Continue Reading...