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Christians Behaving Awesomely: The Story of Brent Cunningham & The Boston Marathon

All too often Christians make headlines for negative actions or attitudes. These stories tend to garner the most media buzz. But in the midst of the Boston Marathon tragedy, one Christian made international news for his act of kindness and generosity. [Tweet this]

Shortly after the bombs exploded, Brent and Karin Cunningham, along with their daughter Megan, encountered a runner who was unable to finish the race because of the explosions. Marathon rules only allow for those who finish the race to collect a medal, and Laura Wellington was a half-mile from the finish line when the bombs detonated. Continue Reading...


Originally dubbed "Good Christian Bitches" after the book by Kim Gatlin, a television series that debuted on ABC on Sunday night had its name changed to "Good Christian Belles" before being shortened to "GCB." Whatever meaning you assign to those three letters, the show portrays Christians as caricatures and feels a little desperate. Continue Reading...