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What You’ve Got to Know When You Open Up Your Bible

God is on the move through the #LentChallenge.

And it’s not just that more than 40,000 people have joined in.

It’s that the Holy Spirit is teaching, correcting, challenging, encouraging and breathing life into those who are reading the Bible in profound and downright amazing ways.

Consider the following story we just heard: Continue Reading...


I confess.

Of all the weeks of The 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge during Lent this proved the most difficult to me. When reading Lamentations felt like a breath of fresh air, I knew I was in trouble. [Tweet this]

To put it in running terms, I felt like I hit the wall—that moment when you’re weary, tired, and don’t think you can take another step. This week’s reading included Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel (along with Lamentations)—all of which are long, thick, dense books packed with mysterious prophetic imagery and references.

If Leviticus and Numbers felt like plodding, Jeremiah and Ezekiel felt like slogging. Heavy. Cumbersome. Tedious.

Yet I kept catching glimpses of God’s heart. Continue Reading...

In the 40-Day Bible Reading challenge, we’ve been plunging and playing in the Psalms this week. I’ve so appreciated the way Eugene Peterson breaths fresh language, imagery, and color into this collection of songs and poems in The Message Bible.

Here are 5 breathtaking quotables from the Psalms. All are within an easy click to Tweet to your friends and Pin-able for all your fellow Pinterest-lovers!Psalm 4, #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK

“At day’s end I’m ready for sound sleep,

For you, God, have put my life back together.” —Psalm 4 #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK [Tweet this] Continue Reading...


Thousands of people have joined in reading through the Bible during the 40 Days of Lent this year. People have invited their small groups, friends, spouses, neighbors, and co-workers to join in.

We’re already in Week Four of the Wonderstruck by Scripture 40 Day Bible Reading Guide. That means that by the end of this week we’re more than half way through.

If you’ve fallen behind, here are some tips on how to catch up.

As you’re reading and preparing your heart for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter morning, I want to offer you a jolly dose of encouragement.

God is doing more in you through this season of Lent than you realize! [Tweet this]

1. Notice What You’re Reaching For. Making a commitment to read the entire Bible during Lent is changing me—and I bet it’s changing you too! Continue Reading...

SIMPLE OBEDIENCEWe’re moving forward in being Wonderstruck by Scripture in The 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge. As I’ve been reading this week, I’ve been wonderstruck by the number of cray, cray, or crazytown stories in the Bible. [Tweet this] I’ve read them before, but every so often I find myself awestruck again. Did you notice any? I was taken back again by a few of these:

In 2 Samuel 20 where Joab gets his pirate on and punctures Amasa with a sword. Guts spill to the ground. Double ew!

Or 2 Samuel 24, where God feels the pain of the terror of the 70,000 people who die from an epidemic and tells the angel, “Enough’s enough! Pull back!”

Or that trickster holy man in 1 Kings 13.

Or Zarephath, the owner of the original Biscuitville (1 Kings 16).

Or that crazy gourd story (2 Kings 4). Continue Reading...