Why a Faultless God Loves a Stained Church

Margaret —  September 15, 2013 — 2 Comments

Sunday Still: God Loves the Church

“Anyone with a pulse can point out the ragamuffin qualities of a local assembly or church, but if you spend too much time focused on the stains, then you’ll soon lose focus on our wildly infallible God.

Sunday Still: God Loves the ChurchHe is far more concerned with his church than you or I or a hundred pastors put together will ever be. He has a plan. He makes no mistakes. He will not fail.”

--Margaret Feinberg, The Organic God


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2 responses to Why a Faultless God Loves a Stained Church

  1. Such a great book, Margaret. Just started reading it, expression of your words and experiences is tugging my heart strings already.
    Soundtrack of songs…beautiful.

    Love. Prayers. Hugs.


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