The Color Method

Don’t be tricked by the rainbow collection of pens. These tools are drills and dredge machinery for mining the first two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew.

Most of the colors are brighter than the soot you’ll see on foreheads today, but they are the tools I’m using during the 6 weeks leading up to Easter to create more whitespace for God. Continue Reading...

This Simple Method Will Revolutionize the Way You Read the Gospels

Matt invites his men’s Bible study group to dive into Scripture in a colorful way. Armed with a pack of colored markers, he prints out the day’s Bible reading and invites participants to circle verbs, underline names, draw arrows between repeating phrases, highlight details, and make notes in the margins before discussing the passage.

My friend, Christian—a member of Matt’s Bible study group, remembers feeling hesitant at first:

“Here I am with a group of guys who have nicknamed themselves ‘Manbeverages & Bibles’ and now rainbow markers are strewn all over the table where we’re meeting. It’s starting to feel like a Pinterest party.

But 15 minutes into the study, the Bible started coming alive in a whole new way,” Christian says. “Each of us started noticing details, phrases, patterns—God began speaking through the Scripture to each of us in a personal way.”

Christian’s story stuck in my mind. What had Matt discovered? Would a pack of colored markers really make that big of a difference in studying the Scripture?

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Valentine’s Day Confession

Margaret —  February 13, 2015 — 6 Comments

Red Velvet Cake

On a stormy February 13 evening several years ago, my husband asked me what I wanted for a Valentine’s gift.

Without hesitating, I replied, “A homemade card.”

I knew the request was simple and easy-the thoughtful gift to request.

“What do you want?” I asked. Facing a busy day and I secretly hoped he’d ask for a big, wet kiss that would melt him at the knees.

“I’d like a homemade red velvet cake,” he replied.

“Delivered to work?” I volunteered.

“That would be great!”

My mind began racing. How am I going to finish up all my projects, run errands and still find time to bake and deliver a cake? I’d never baked a red velvet cake, but I knew I couldn’t let him down. Continue Reading...

What To Do When You’ve Got An Achy Breaky Heart With GodNo one gets out of life unscathed.

This reminder arrived just yesterday in the news of a friend who discovered they’re in the fight of their life against a rare disease. The questions of why and what does the future hold penetrated our conversation.

I’ve been praying ever since. But the weight of the conversation still remains. Continue Reading...

Sometimes We Ask What and Why Too Early

“Were you angry with God over the cancer?” the radio host pressed.

Silence hung in the air. Continue Reading...