How to Pray when you don't know How to Pray

Prayer is a spiritual discipline we simply can’t live without.

Through prayer, we express our adoration and affection to God. We make requests or petitions to God. We confess our brokenness to God and ask for forgiveness. We thank God for His presence and work in our life.

Through prayer we learn to make our home in Christ no matter what situation we’re facing.

How To Pray When You Don’t Know What To Pray

Prayer is one of the most common vehicles God uses to transform us. At times we may be tempted to think that prayer changes God, but more often prayer changes us as our desires our aligned with God’s will.

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As Leif and I transition to Utah, we're both being reminded of the importance of prayer. Of leaning into God with every concern, every fear, every breath.

Some days, to be honest, I can't find the words to pray. So I pray letters: Continue Reading...

Why I Gave Up Prayer

Margaret —  June 27, 2016 — 6 Comments

#LiveWonderstruck Don't miss out on this amazing Bible study by Margaret Feinberg!

A few years ago, I gave up prayer. Continue Reading...

Coloring is so good for the mind, soul, emotions and so much more. Try it for yourself!

If you’ve been inside a Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, or Barnes & Noble store recently, you probably noticed the entire sections wallpapered with adult coloring books.

We dove into the wonder of rest this week during the online Summer Bible Study at (It’s not too late to join us! Learn how to jump in, here). And one of the newest ways I’ve engaged in rest is through coloring.

Coloring books for grown-ups are all the rage. Here’s why:

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Tired? Read this.

Margaret —  June 22, 2016 — 1 Comment

Tired? Read this.

More often than I'd like to admit, I wake up feeling run down, spent, and empty.

Maybe you know what that feels like. Maybe you’re even feeling it today.

A few years ago, I quickly discovered that in order to lay hold of the rhythm of rest I needed, I had to make some pretty dramatic changes in my life.

I had to set a bedtime, commit to taking a day off each week, and lower my workload.

In the process, I began to discover the wonder of rest. Continue Reading...

The hardest quiz you'll take this week. Don't miss out on our Summer Bible study, Wonderstruck!

Let’s check in with a little quiz. Don’t worry. You won’t be graded and you don’t have to publish your responses on Facebook.

Place a mental check by the following that are true for you:

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