How Cancer Changed the Way I Read the Bible

Cancer shatters illusions, magnifies weaknesses, and strips me of the existence I once knew.

Somewhere along the way the lens through which I view each day changed.

Though it’s still murky and muddled, I can’t help but notice: Continue Reading...

The Secret to Making this the Best Summer Ever

Maybe you’ve found yourself crying out to God and all you hear is silence.

Maybe you can’t remember the last time you sensed the presence of God.

Maybe you’re wondering why God doesn’t make Himself more real in your life, in your situation.

Let’s be honest. We all go through days, months, even years, when God feels 10,000 miles away. If that’s you, you are not alone.

Tucked into the New Testament, we find the promise:

Come near to God and he will come near to you. —James 4:8

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The Bible Says Jesus’ Yoke Is Easy, But Some Days I Doubt

Sitting in the counselor’s office after months of brutal treatment, I felt exasperated by the loss of strength, energy, clarity, sanity. As soon as I finished one treatment, I entered another. Chemotherapy. Radiation. More and more surgeries.

The counselor slapped me across the face with the following words:

Resilience is finite.

The Bible Says Jesus’ Yoke Is Easy, But Some Days I Doubt

The statement caught me off guard. I’ve always thought of resilience as endless. The spring always bounces back. The well always renews.

The counselor revealed that overused metal springs can wear right through. Some wells run dry. The bounce never returns. The place remains barren.

Thirty years of counseling experience, and he’d seen this again and again.

People burning through their resilience. Empty. Lifeless. Former shadows of themselves.

Sometimes the sparkle never returns to the iris.

I didn’t want to be among them. Continue Reading...

Why Vulnerability is So Hard

All of life is vulnerable. All of love is vulnerable. All of faith is vulnerable.

Yet most of us scamper from vulnerability at the mere thought of letting our guard down.

Much of my life has been spent sprinting from vulnerability. Sometimes I wonder why. Perhaps the cause can be attributed to the cruel words spoken on the elementary school playground, the scarring remarks heard during those gawky years of junior high, or that first time I confessed my love for a boy and he responded, “That’s nice.”

Perhaps something deeper is at work. Continue Reading...

7 Signs You’ve Made It As An Author

"Perrier with sprig of parsley, please."

Ah yes, people think the life of an author is all glitz and glamor. They have no idea. The private jets. The Bentleys. The New York photo shoots. The summer house in France.

Oh wait, that’s someone else’s life.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of what it’s like to be a writer and 7 signs you’ve made it as an author:
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