Watch My Most Vulnerable Interview Ever On PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

When PBS’ Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly asked to interview me about the painful journey behind Fight Back With Joy, I felt hesitant. I’d never allowed a film crew into our home, let alone a national television show, before.

What questions regarding my cancer battle would they ask?

What topics related to the struggle with depression and despair would they probe?


Religion and Ethics

Yet as you’ll see from the inspiring segment created by correspondent Kim Lawton, Janice Henderson and their team, each of us can learn to practice a defiant joy.

This is a segment you can share with anyone facing any battle, regardless of religious background, to encourage them today.

Watch the full interview here:


Watch My Most Vulnerable Interview Ever On PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

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God’s Dirty Nasty Plan For Your Life

Far too many in the church today want to tell you that following God will make you richer, skinnier, more powerful.

Good Friday grounds us in the truth that God does have a plan for your life; it’s just darker and dirtier than you’ve been told.  Continue Reading...

What I Hear When I Press My Ear Against Jesus’ Chest

Like a child holding onto a bundle of cherry-red helium balloons, I celebrated whenever joy was in my grasp, but also recognized the speed with which it could slip away, deflate, or disappear altogether.

I knew better than to outright refuse joy, yet all too often I was making choices that tugged joy away, settling into a life where joy only made an occasional cameo.

That’s when it occurred to me that how we go about laying hold of joy matters.

Our pursuit of joy doesn’t just affect us, but those closest to us, those we love most.

Such were the beginnings of studying, pursuing, and learning to fight back with joy over the last three years.

In Day 37 reading of the #LentChallenge, anchors us in the holy calling to be joy warriors. (Download your free Gospel reading guide, here).

In John 15-16, we eavesdrop on a most mysterious conversation, Jesus’ choice, final syllables before his arrest. This is where he blows on the embers of their faith. Moments later the lights go out for all the disciples. The world becomes as dark as night. But Jesus’ words on this fateful eve aren’t just for them, they’re for us.

Today. Here. Now. Continue Reading...

The Two Words That Will Revolutionize Your Life Today

Just a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending some time with my friend Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in Washington D.C., who shared about his latest book, The Grave Robber.

Batterson’s imagery raced through my mind as I read John 11-12 in Day 35 of the #LentChallenge and discovered a pair of words that make all the difference. Continue Reading...

Why You’re Not Experiencing More Joy

Do you ever feel like joy is just out of reach?

Me, too.

That’s why I spent more than a year diving into the more than 400 references to joy, happiness, merriment, delight, pleasure, dancing, rejoicing and more throughout the Scripture. I discovered joy is so much more than anyone taught me. Joy is a spectrum of emotions, responses, and reactions. Sometimes you feel like a joy; sometimes you don’t. But you can always act in joy even when your emotions shout otherwise.

In Fight Back With Joy book and Bible study, I explore how more than whimsy joy is the weapon we use to fight life’s battles. In the reading for Day 31 of the #LentChallenge, (download the free reading guide here), we discover Jesus poking holes in the darkness as He fights back with joy in the most unsuspecting ways.  Continue Reading...