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The ONE Prayer We Need Right Now

“How can we pray for you?”

It’s a question I’ve been asked dozen of times these last few months, and the kind of  question often asked of anyone facing a health crisis or other adversity. It’s a great alternative to “The Three Worst Things You Can Say to Someone Battling Cancer or Any Kind of Adversity.”

But, to be honest, responding to that question has been difficult for me.

Sometimes, my answer comes quickly.

Sometimes, it’s just too painful to speak about what I’m carrying at the moment. And, I’m working on that.

Now I know what my unwavering answer will be every time I’m asked:

Will you join me and #PrayForZero? [Tweet this]

Over the course of the last week, we’ve received some difficult news. Just 100 or so days after my own diagnosis, my father has also been diagnosed with cancer.

I’d ask that you pray for my father, Bill. And please pray for my mom, Marjane, whose only child (me) and husband of 46-years are now battling cancer side by side. 

We don’t know many details yet, and it will be some time before doctors run further tests and determine a course of action. But we are confident in Dad’s medical team here in Denver.

Every cancer is unique. Even my recent experience doesn’t apply to the choices that he will need to make. I’m doing my best to focus on the big picture, not the billions of details.

I’m thankful for friends and family who are joining us in focusing on the big picture. It alleviates the burden of feeling like I need to find the one specific answer to cure his disease. Or, that he should follow someone else’s treatment plan.

I’m working hard on tuning out noise: the Google searches, the kind (yet often kind of scary) suggestions that strangers have for treatment, the magic cure (what’s with all the almond milk elixirs, anyway?).

I know the noise will not bring healing.

But I know God can.

God is bigger than the noise.

Will you join me by committing to #PrayForZero? Pray that at the end of treatment (or sometime much sooner!) there will be zero cancer cells left in our bodies.

#PrayForZero is a prayer for anyone who has faced cancer. We join together, praying for zero, praying for the miracle that every last cancer cell will be eradicated forever. [Tweet this]


Thank you for your friendship, love, and support.

Still fighting with joy,

Margaret, Leif, and Hershey

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