7 Life Lessons from the Winter Olympics

Margaret —  February 21, 2014 — 7 Comments

7 Life Lessons from the Olympics

I've been bitten by the Olympic bug. Granted, not all the sports are mesmerizing, but I find myself hanging around NBC watching men and women performing in the moment they've been waiting and dreaming of their entire lives.

Along the way, I'm inspired and reminded of a few things:

1. Watching someone do what they do with excellence is beautiful and hard to argue with. [Tweet this]

7 Life Lessons from the Olympics

2. Rejoicing with others always brings joy. [Tweet this]

3. Always do your best to start well, but know that everything often comes down to the finish. [Tweet this]

3. Just because you're the second string or B-team, doesn't mean you can't succeed. [Tweet this]

4. Never, never give up. Ever. [Tweet this]

5. Sometimes it's not about time, ranking, or skill. You simply are the story.

6. The critics may tell you where your form, your start, your finish was less than perfect. But if you find yourself with a gold medal and/or a world record, their opinion becomes nothing more than waa-waa.

7. Those facing the greatest obstacles may not win a medal, but they always win our hearts. [Tweet this]

7 Life Lessons from the Olympics

Have you been bitten by the Olympic bug? What’s your favorite event so far?

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7 responses to 7 Life Lessons from the Winter Olympics

  1. Such great points. I love the Olympics. I have found that I care more about the stories than the actual events. 🙂

  2. We have always been a family who watches the Olympics, but this year has been different for us too. Now that both of my boys are driven in their one sport of choice, they now understand the training & the desire that these athletes have. My youngest said ‘Gold is the aim, but even getting Bronze against this level is an amazing feat’. Ski jumping, Luge, Speeding skating, & Hockey are the favorites here.

  3. I personally have not been bitten by this bug, but a few in our household have been. There is much debate as to which events are the most interesting, My husband loves, and I DO mean loves, curling. The rest of us do not get it – mostly at all. One of my daughters enjoys the skeleton and luge. It has been fun watching the heated debates around my house.

  4. I don’t watch the Olympics on TV because we don’t have cable. But I have read about some astounding feats on the web. One in particular touched me was the 17 year old from the Philippines whose family sacrificed everything for him to go. They mortgaged their house and used all available funds they could get their hands on so he could live his dream. He made it to the final 24 who would be selected but he didn’t get beyond that. But he shined in his own way. He made the news and everyone was able to read about him and his family. He did make history as he was the very first Filipino to compete in the men’s figure skating event. That alone would make it worth it. I am hoping that somehow he can return next time and win a medal.

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