I Need YOUR Help: Weigh in on the Wonderstruck Bible Study Promotion Video

Margaret —  November 20, 2012 — 61 Comments

Wonderstruck Cover Art Image

I need a little help from my friends. Lifeway just sent me two promotional videos for the Wonderstruck 7-Session DVD Bible Study (releasing in January). I can't decide which video should be the primary promotion video for the Wonderstruck 7-Session DVD Bible Study. I may be bias, but I'm leaning toward the one in which Hershey makes a debut.

What do you think? Will you watch the videos below and let me know which should be featured as the primary promotional video for the Wonderstruck 7-Session DVD Bible Study?


Will you put your vote in the comment section below?

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61 responses to I Need YOUR Help: Weigh in on the Wonderstruck Bible Study Promotion Video

  1. I love them both but was really drawn to the second one.

  2. The shorter one with a link to the longer one. Longer one appears to introduce LifeWay rather than your study. Also, longer one comes off as very “Lord of the Rings”ish with the long mountain/lake shot and the fluttering red cloth CGIed into frame. Didn’t instill “wonder”–it instilled “huh?”

  3. I liked them both. I was struck more by the scenery in the first one, but thought the second had more detail about the study. I think overall I’d vote for number two.

  4. I second what Tanya said. The dog was cute in the first one but the second one was warmer and more welcoming. BLESSINGS to you, Margaret!

  5. I actually prefer the shorter one because the wonder of nature is shown more clearly and the short video is more of a teaser to grab the viewer’s interest. Great shots!!

  6. Margaret, I really like the second one. I know it is a little bit longer, but I believe the extra time of explanation of how God responded is integral to the overall theme.

  7. I would pick the first one. My favorite movie trailers are the ones that leave me wanting more – and that’s what the first video does!
    Excited about this book!

  8. I would go with the second (longer one) as it is more informational and draws the viewer in, giving them a desire to want to see/hear more! I facilitate a women’s bible study at our church and I am so excited to present this study to them in January. I think the second video would give them a better sense of what the study is about.

  9. I love the second one (the long version). What a blessing this Bible study will be to so many people!

  10. I love how the scenery of the first was introduced but I love the second one because of the way you said it and it left me yearning to want to learn to know about Him. I wish somehow the scenery of the first one could be combined with the scenery in the first and then blending towards the end you coming in giving your speech introduction in the second one then it would be perfectly and wonderfully made. Bottom line, it this couldn’t be done then I have to vote for the second one.

  11. both draw me in…(so want to walk in those mountains with the Most High!)…… however, i appreciate the extra information in the 2nd promo.

    • The mountains outside of Banff, Canada were overwhelmingly beautiful. Can’t wait to share more of God’s handiwork with the filming of this Bible study.

  12. I loved the red thing floating in the second one and the scenery (it did invoke the wonder of God’s creation!!!) but my vote is for the shorter one where it starts out with you walking down the road with the dog- like you are starting on a journey and I want to go along!!! I know the study will be awesome!!!

  13. OK.. this is hard because of course… we watched the first one first! I was in tears at the end of the second one because I LONG for that wonder! I really like the brevity of the first and I enjoyed the more natural affect of the beauty but… GOODNESS! Either one will draw people in and encourage further interest! YOU CHOOSE! LOL (go with Hershey)

  14. I agree w/ Lupe! He wrote what I had intended w/ the intro of the 1st blending into the 2nd & the script unfolding enough to want more. This kind of scenery is exactly what puts me in awe of Gods creativity and the music pulling it all inside to feel it & want more.

  15. My favorite is the second one because it was more informative. Both are great. I love the scarf!

  16. Hey Margaret: Definitely the first one. Yes, it has the adorable Hershey in it 🙂 But also it launches the viewer visually on a journey in nature as we contemplate and visualize the Wonder of God. I think it flows better. It seems more thoughtful. It looks like your peeps are split, though 🙂 Good luck making your decision!

  17. Love them both! However, I enjoyed watching you with your dog walking up the way; this made you “touchable.” Then to relish the magnificent scenery as you spoke the Word and gave a teaser about the study; this entreated me to want more! Appreciating the journey of being wonderstruck!

  18. The first one would be my pick for the primary promo..kept my attention, focused on the premise of the study and wowser, the scenery! I agree with the commenter to offer a link to the second one!

  19. Both are beautiful! One can’t help but be wonderstruck looking at the beauty God has created. However, I think I am with you Margaret. I certainly lean toward the one with Hershey. After all, shouldn’t the author’s dog get some perks?! (grin)

  20. I really like the first one. I loved the scenery and you and Hershey walking in the beginning! I love the scripture and it did leave me wanting more! So excited for this study and the book release! PS loved the scarf! 🙂

  21. Easy choice for me, video #2 (the longer one). It’s beautiful, it’s intriguing, it draws me in from the very beginning. Even though, Mr. Hershey was in video #1. God is WONDER-full. Love that!

  22. Both were good. I preferred the first. I tend to like things said in less time. I like symbolism as it speaks alot without words, and felt you and your Hershey on a road was an invitation to join in. Also the beautiful crimson cloth fluttering at the end was mysterious. Symbolic to me of God inviting us into learning about the mysteries of Himself.

  23. wow.. this is hard because I love the way the short one starts off and then how the longer one explains why I would want to purchase it. It would be awesome if you could put the beginning of the first one on the second one, then it would be perfect. So with that being said, I have to say that I would go with the longer one. I didn’t have the desire to buy the pack after the first one but I did after the second one. The longer one really connected with me, even though Hershey is adorable. 🙂

  24. I vote for #1- scenery drew me in along with your naration. Walking along the path made me want to journey with you. The extra info in the second is helpful, but could be found within any text online or on the DVD box. Plus, I started wondering if you were standing in front of a green screen instead of focusing on your words (cause ‘how could that be real and how do I get there?!’ is what you think when gazing on that site!).

  25. What a tough decision. After watching both, I would have to go with the first. I liked that it did not say much of what would be in the study. I liked that because it leaves you wondering and wanting more. I would not have expectations in the study except to learn about our wonderful God, and that is a good thing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. Both were beautiful. I liked the wording in the second one better. It felt more inviting. But I preferred the shorter length of the first one.

  27. I loved the second one. I can not wait to participate in a study series. Thank you!

  28. Margaret, I can’t figure out what I should click on. I keep going to the site, where there is a long video showing the gorgeous scenery, but no words and no Hershey. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Robyn, They should be embedded in the article above, but if those aren’t working, here are the links:

      The one with Hershey:

      The longer video without Hershey:

  29. The second one works better, in my opinion. It would be great if it didn’t have the life way presents disclaimer at the beginning (I prefer that sort of thing at the end) but I think it’s the stronger choice.

  30. I prefer the first one on visual draw in to the content. We are a very visual culture. The second clip captured me with the description of course content, value and description of WHO we would expect to hear from! Alas Little Hershey is too little to make an impact against all that scenery and just plain needs his(?) own show. All that to say number one will probably grab more attention. Would like to see a third version with voice message from second version overlaid on visual of first. Whew! Look forward to release.

  31. I am drawn to the second one. It is more personal and the Bible in your hands is the beat. This is my favorite. I am loving the book!!!!

  32. I know this is suppose to be a comment about which video I would chose to promote the Wonderstruck Bible Study but I’m a bit late for that! I just completed this study with my women’s bible study group at church and must say that it was the best study we have done since I joined the group over three years ago. This study was amazing and drew me in immediately. I couldn’t get enough of it, and was so thrilled to hear from each member of our group what had them “Wonderstruck” each day! It really opened my eyes to my surroundings and made be open my heart that much more to my wonderful God and Savior. Thank you so much for this study and your encouragement in my life. ( I liked the first one best for the scenery, but the second for the info. A combined would be the best overall)

    • Trish! You’re words are such sweet encouragement to me. Thank you thank you thank you. HUGE hug to you today!

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