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greeting card when you don't know what to say

Over the past few years, I’ve had well-meaning people speak life, hope, and love into me during the some of the darkest days of battling cancer. Their words were Honeycrisps dipped in 24-karat gold served on silver platters (poetic translation a la Proverbs 25:11).

Other words are like gut punches, leaving me breathless, hunched, hurting.

These individuals never mean to cause harm, they mean to help, really they do, but the pat answers, the Scriptures ripped out of context, the spouting of phrases they’d never paid a price to own, cut me to my core. I share this with great vulnerability in Fight Back With Joy book and 6-Session DVD Bible Study.

Shortly after my diagnosis, my friend, Angela Thomas, texted me encouraging Scriptures every few weeks. I’m so grateful for her ongoing presence. She mentioned that when her momma grew ill, people mailed cards. Her momma saved them in a basket. On her weakest days she’d look at the basket and remember how much she was loved.

Angela’s story compelled me to save my cards. All of them. Yes, the ones you sent. The basket overflowed. Whenever I glanced over, I, too, was reminded of how much I was loved. 

Some of the cards were plain or of stock photos. Others struggled to say anything life-giving. They read, “In sympathy,“ and “I’m sorry for your loss.” The handwritten words inside breathed life, but many of the pre-written cards felt out-of-place, penned for those who had loved ones die rather than those who were in an ongoing fight for their lives.

greeting card when you don't know what to say

I started to browse through greeting card aisles, wondering how hard it really was to find a well-written card. Few to none of the cards were written for people with ongoing crisis, loss or adversity, and those available were wah-wah.

One day I’ve got to create some cards that will breathe life and hope and love, I thought.

greeting card when you don't know what to say

After more than a year of treatment, I woke up at 2am. The words for the cards glimmered in my imagination. Unable to fall back asleep until I’d recorded them, I captured them like fireflies in the night.

The next morning I noticed a letter from a long-time friend and steady encourager, Judy Higginbotham, sat atop my desk. She wrote:

“You know when you go to a card shop to get a card for someone who has cancer or for anyone with an illness that is long, there truly are no cards to send them. A get-well card is in very poor taste, and the rest are so meaningless that they just leave you empty. 

What if you made gift cards, with words inside, words that gave you comfort and hope and joy and peace? I do not know if this is me or God working through me. But I am passing it onto you.”

The timing felt God-ordained, Spirit-infused.

greeting card when you don't know what to say

Our team has been working to make these cards a reality. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the first set of When You Don’t Know What to Say greeting cards are available in our store.

We’ve worked with an artist to create modern, bright n’ beautiful designs. Each of the six cards is designed to encourage and inspire. Some are written with a good dose of humor; others are created to rekindle relationships. All are designed to equip you to help those facing tough times fight back with joy.

greeting card when you don't know what to say

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