Can’t Wait for the Release of Wonderstruck

Margaret —  October 13, 2012 — 224 Comments

WonderstruckIf you’re like me, sometimes waiting for Christmas morning feels impossible. I’ve been known to pick up boxes just to get a better feel for the content’s weight. I’ve shaken boxes in hopes sound will give away the secret. And I’ve even pulled out a measuring tape (when no one is looking) to better guess the gift. (Don’t tell my husband, Leif!)

This year it’s even harder to contain my excitement. Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God releases Christmas Day. That means Christmas can’t come soon enough. I’m counting down the days.

Each day, I’m working through final edits, layout, proofing—catching those oopsies!-that-almost-slipped-through and more. The book and Bible study is almost ready for you!

In Wonderstruck, I share how no matter who you are or where you’ve been—if you’ve lived a life where you’ve seen it all, done it all, or feel like you’re past it all—God still longs to take your breath away.

Wonderstruck is a personal invitation for you to toss back the covers, climb out of bed, and drink in the fullness of life. Through this book, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the presence of God in the midst of your routine
  • Unearth extraordinary moments on ordinary days
  • Develop a renewed passion for God
  • Identify what’s holding you back in prayer
  • Discover peace in knowing you’re wildly loved

If you follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll notice we changed the hashtag we’re using from #Wonderstruck to #LiveWonderstruck. We want this to be a reminder of the invitation to live each day awake and aware of the wonder of God all around you.

Now I have a hunch some of you are like me. You can’t wait for the Christmas release either! That’s why I’d like to invite you to be one of an exclusive group of people on the planet to read Wonderstruck before anyone else.

We’re giving you the opportunity to win an advanced readers copy of Wonderstruck. All you have to do to win is tell us one place where you’ve seen the wonder of God in your life this week! And if you’re up for sharing the message of Wonderstruck with friends—through Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog, even better. So go ahead, post a comment on this webpage to win. We’ll pick the winner next Friday.

Congratulations to this week's winner: Amy!! Thank you all for participating!

224 responses to Can’t Wait for the Release of Wonderstruck

  1. I’ve been wonderstruck this week as I’ve observed God working and shaping the character if a young man dear to me.

  2. Jennifer DeStefano October 13, 2012 at 7:06 am

    I sat across the table yesterday from a man who God plucked out of the business world to start a movement. As he shared stories about what God was doing and the lives that were being transformed, all I could do was laugh. Even though “wow!” exited my lips it wasn’t big enough. I’m also stunned that God has presented me with an opportunity to join Him in what He’s doing. By the world’s standards that doesn’t make sense, my résumé would never have made the cut if I had to submit one. Thankfully God isn’t limited to worldly processes. Anything is possible with Him.

  3. I’ve spent time with my precious nephew in our local NICU this week. He’s close to being released to go home now, but the environment of a NICU can be overwhelming. Rather than any heaviness, my time in there left me wonderstruck. Even with complications, God’s fingerprints are evident in all of those babies. His breath of life was just everywhere. Some were so tiny, some were delicate, but they were all so different and so perfect. Definitely left me awestruck ~wonderstruck~ in a Psalms 139 sort of way.

  4. I’ve seen the wonder of God through my friends this week–they love me when I’m truly unloveable, and if THEY can do that, how much more can God love me?? Mind blowing.

  5. I was wonderstruck coming home with my two kids, looking at the sun shining through the clouds. It was absolutely gorgeous! I pulled over to show my boys as I have done before, to teach them that this beauty is a gift from God. Before I could get it out, my 6 year old said, “is this a gift from God, mama?” yes, it is son. Yes, it is. Melted my heart…

  6. We just recently relocated to a new city in a new state 1,300 miles from my home of 50 years and I have been wonderstruck to see all of the ways God has worked out the details of this move and made it clear we are right where He wants us to be. Not just the in the big things, but right down to the tiny, seemingly inconsequential details like which pieces of our furniture sold and which pieces didn’t that ended up having a perfect place in our new home. I know…furniture is really unimportant in the grand scheme of life, but that’s my point – we’ve seen God’s clear hand even in these things that seemly have no eternal value.

    • John,

      Figuring out furniture can be very stressful in a move–especially in any move uprooting you from your home of 50 years. Thankful God worked out even the tiniest details!

  7. Morning run, color changes of fall. Completely wonderstruck.

  8. Wonderstruck to see our Lord’s forgiveness in action for my mistakes and that of my colleagues as they so graciously accept hospitality invitations ! Perhaps I have been honored as the Lord allowed me to accept their invitations in spite of the hurt I feel they caused to my emotions by not standing with me or being totally honest with me as the school did not renew my contract.

  9. Wonderstruck this week in the Show and Tell section of last Sunday’s morning service at Holme Christian Community in Bradford (UK) hearing the stories of how God has been at work in the lives of “ordinary” men and women over the past month. Reminds me of the classic quote “A person with a testimony is never at the mercy of a person with an argument”. #LivingWonderstruck :))

  10. I saw the wonder of God this morning as my husband and I were walking along the Catawba River on the Greenway park. As we walked through the wooded area, we saw squirrels, swirling leaves, many birds, and heard soccer players on the playing fields, children happily singing and playing on the outdoor equipment, bike riders whizzing by us, acorns falling, and saw the sun shining through the trees, fishermen by the water’s edge, and the wonder of God everywhere we looked and listened. What a way to start a new day that the Lord had made. We rejoiced and were glad in it!

  11. Daphne R Barretto October 13, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    God’s grace and mercy for a sinner like me. I am awestruck by that everyday.

  12. I saw the wonder of God in many different ways this week. First being in one of the foster child we have in our home. He has been a pretty held back kid but the other day he actually started interacting with us and had so much joy. He looked at me and said, “I AM a good boy.” The sense of joy in that little boys shows the joy of The Lord even when everything in your life don’t ake sense and is very hard. Last night we had a huge lighting storm. At first to be honest as a little freaked out. But then just started smiling. I saw the power and the awesome wonder of God through that Storm.

    • Candis,

      That brought a smile to my face. Your foster child must have been so proud of himself! Lightening storms can be so awe-inspiring, breathtaking, too!

  13. The wonders of the fall colors driving Up North in Michigan.

  14. I witnessed God’s wonder at Living Proof Live in Long Beach, California this week. Wonderstruck!

  15. I was putting my 3yo son to bed. I said to him “Let’s say our prayers…what are you thankful for?” He said , “Jesus!” I was totally wonderstruck!

  16. On the trail while I was running this afternoon.

  17. Wonderstruck by the work of God in my life. He has answered prayers in the circumstances of life, as well as providing wisdom beyond my own understanding. He speaks to me as I read through His word – the bible. And each day as I pray I say thanks for peace in my heart, peace in my home and peace where I live. He is the most wonderful God.

    • Alex,

      What passages have you been lingering over lately? Thrilled you are experiencing peace–what a precious gift

      • Hi Margaret – I’ve been praying for wisdom in the matter of women in leadership and teaching roles in the church. Then recently I have been lingering over these passages about “the Harvest being plentiful and the need for reapers.
        In Matthew 9 Jesus is going through the towns and villages and says “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.” in Luke 10 Jesus sends out the 72, two by two and in verse 2 we read “He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field…”
        The wow moment comes next – because in John 4:1-42 – the passage about the Samaritan women at Jacob’s well has no mention of praying for workers – but rather in the middle of the story, while the woman is telling her town about Jesus – Jesus tell his disciples “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. 36 Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together”
        The wonder of seeing how Jesus shows us how vital the role of women is in spreading he gospel to those who need to know Jesus!
        Wonderstruck indeed!!

  18. I gave birth to my first child in May. Although the labor ended in the delivery of a healthy and beautiful boy (Jackson), I was traumatized by the experience. For months, I suffered from indescribable postpartum grief and anxiety. I was totally unable to connect with my friends, family, or God. I offered up feeble prayers, “Lord, please make this a little easier. Please make things a little better today,” and heard only silence. A week ago, I received a two word response: “Challenge me.” I prayed, “Restore me, completely.” The change was immediate. All at once, I was able retrospectively to see God’s presence throughout my labor process. I immediately felt content and secure in His love. With ease, I reconnected with my loved ones. My Lord’s response was immediate and complete. Absolutely wonderstruck!

  19. I am wonderstruck everyday while watching my children grow (spiritually and physically), by the amazing family and family of friends I have, and the wonders of the Lord around me everywhere!

  20. Margaret,
    I first heard you speak at the CM Leaders conference in Ohio. I took for 4 pages of notes that day. That was a Wonderstruck moment. That two day event was a wonderstruck moment. But the best wonderstruck moments came, when I went to the local bookstore and pick up a copy of your book Hunger for God. After reading it, I was more aware of God in my life and appreciated the little things more. Then I went to a local store new to the area, skimmed there bookshelves and found a copy of Scouting the Divine. After reading that, it was like a WHOLE new world. When a bee landed on me, I just watched in wonder. At the local farmers market, I found myself talking to a bee keeper. All moments I would of normally passed up.

    Thank you for being you, and for you being open and real before us that day of the conference. After hearing you speak, after reading your books, I am looking forward to the Echos of God in my life. (That will be the next book for me to read). I am looking forward to the Wonderstruck moments in my life!!!!

    • Kim,

      so glad you enjoyed both CM Leaders and the books. (Aren’t bees fascinating??) Would love to hear your thoughts on The Sacred Echo once you’re done reading it!

      • Margaret,
        As soon as I finish reading The Sacred Echo! I be glad to share my thoughts. Bees are fascinating creatures. Again, I am very thankful for you sharing your journey with us all.

  21. I was wonderstruck listening to my 14 year old worry about her friend and how the friend doesn’t really believe in God but is such a sweet person and my daughter said she can’t think of her going to hell so she wants to find a way to convert her to Christianity!!! God is Good!!

    • Sherri,

      Your little girl is already infused with a love to share the Christ’s good news that some older followers of Jesus never learn to have–so grateful for her passion

  22. I was wonder struck this week at work. A very hurtful situation happened that made me feel devalued and demeaned. I could,t get it off of my mind. I decided I would tell my supervisor about it but then the prompt came why not pray about it first, so I did. I talked to Jesus from the depths of my heart and asked him if I should share this or not. I felt Him evading me just to write it in a notebook for possible discussion at review time if appropriate and to let it go. Then the most wonderful awareness of His presence and sense of His overwhelming love swept over me!

  23. I was wonderstruck at the colorful canvas that God has painted for me to enjoy this past weekend. My husband and I basked in the beauty of our Creator God who painted the bright yellows and the deep reds and the vibrant oranges in the trees all around us. Wonderstruck to think that my Creator God shares this beauty with me. This awesome God loves me and delights in me as I delight in His creation all around me.

    • Dawn,

      I love all the different hues of fall, as though God took a giant paintbrush and splattered all of the trees. Love how you were able to share that moment with your husband.

  24. This looks like an amazing book, I can’t wait to read it and share it!

  25. I was wonderstruck by a funeral. My uncle’s funeral was an episode of what a man looked like that squeezed every ounce out of life and his relationship with God. He bungee jumped at 52. He epitomized the life of an adventurous man. He listened constantly to the Holy Spirit and obeyed. He carried around a $100 bill and waited for the Holy Spirit to lead him to give it to somone in need. So generous, so loving, so adventurous, and so godly.

  26. I’ve been wonderstruck again and again over the past month as my wife and I have obediently, but a little fearfully, moved cross-country with our soon-to-be twelve week old daughter, confident of the Lord’s calling to do so. We’ve been amazed at the way He’s brought his people our way to care for us already, and have been repeatedly wonderstruck by his care for us on this journey.

    • josh,

      moving cross-country is no small feat! Can’t wait to hear what God is going to be doing in your family’s lives throughout this next step in the journey

  27. it’s in the little things… the small simple things that i am struck by the wonder of Him…
    You know… in a look, the morning sky, a laugh, a book…

    • MizPage,

      a ripe avocado to make fresh guacamole, Hershey (my dog) nuzzling me on the couch, the deer with twin fawns that likes to sit outside our basement window…(just to add a few)

  28. I was wonderstruck yesterday watching my kids have fun posing for our annual family pictures. Romping with each other in the grass, climbing a split-trunked tree, jumping off a barnyard fence, laughing with and at each other…I didn’t cry b/c it would have ruined my makeup (pictures, ya know), but that half-hour made my heart smile, and still does 🙂

  29. I #livewonderstruck daily when I sit back & watch my kids. The fact I’ve been entrusted with 3 world changers baffles me. Watching th grow into little people daily blows my mind.

  30. Just this past weekend at our Women’s Retreat and Old Oak Ranch. You were there, talking to us about the resounding echo of God’s voice. Telling us how much he loves us…It was an amazing weekend. I am refreshed, and renewed! God is amazing!!

  31. I saw the wonder of God this weekend at Old Oak Ranch where God met me (and about 250 other women) in our desire to hear His voice. My pastor’s wife had an image(vision) while she prayed over me and it was as if God was using a rake to completely remove the lines in the sand that I’ve drawn with Him. What an awesome God we serve – that He would use an image so personal to let me know that He hears me and that He misses me, too.

  32. I was wonder struck while camping near Mt. Whetstone in Crested Butte. Long hike in the first snow fall of the season with my sweet husband.

  33. Cynthia Fantasia October 15, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    I was wonderstruck yesterday when we baptized 12 people. I worked with these people to write their faith stories, learned of their struggles and victories, and watched yesterday as they made a public profession of faith and submitted to the waters of baptism. There were several who, because of their decision to follow Christ, might be in jeopardy when they return to their homeland, but their faith overruled any concerns. I have been overseeing baptisms for several years, yet each time, I am moved to tears at the power and love of God in each individual’s life.

  34. I have seen the wonder of God in my girlfriends this week. They lift each other up, they are creative and they love Jesus. I am so thankful.

  35. My ministry passion is middle schoolers. One of the boys is particularly squirrelly and defiant even by 8th grade boy standards. When we asked the class (30 seventh and 8th graders) where offering money should go, this boy shot up his hand. “There’s a boy in my school whose house burned down. He’s got two younger sisters and his family lost everything. I don’t know him but I think we should give the money to him.” Wonderstruck.

  36. I wanted to know if im doing ok, life has been hard, and i was laying on my bed yesterday afternoon, i looked out the window, and there in the big sunny sky, was a big thumbs up shaped cloud. I was gobsmacked and awestruck. Ok Then God!!! You can’t get much clearer than this 🙂

  37. My aunt has passed away and we had to move her body from Georgia to Colorado where she has lived all of her life except for the past three years. While we were there we had the privilege to visit Red Rock Canyons. We a beautiful site! Esp. to see all of the the scenery in the fall it just adds to the colors of the rocks. Our God is such an artist.

  38. In my driveway looking at the changes taking place in the trees all around – each tree, color and leaf so unique! just wow.

  39. I am so thrilled you are doing this Margaret! I gotta say you have blessed me personally by heightening my awareness of the presence of the LORD in my life as well as my family’s life. I must say that my favorite way to be Wonderstruck by the LORD is to to see Him in my 5 yr. old daughter’s life as she proclaims how amazing GOD is by turning a little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and how she makes up a praise song. I love how she loves others, and leads her classmates (in a public school) to pray for her teacher who was sick, and that she has absolute confidence that GOD will heal her, and she said to her best friend let’s pray that your Mommy feels better when she found out yesterday that her friend’s Mommy caught the stomach flu.

    My daughter Carissa not only inspired her teacher and her class to make cards for children who live in homeless shelters, and foster care, but she inspired all of the first grade classes who are inspiring the entire school. Carissa love for Jesus is definitely creating an wonderful Butterfly Effect in your community by bringing her friends from all different churches and denominations, as well as friends who don’t go to church, to participate in having a Christmas Blessings Event for children in foster care from our local communities.

    I love how my daughter spontaneously dances and sings her own songs to the LORD. I am totally Wonderstruck, to see how she is growing in Christ, and how her love for Jesus and other in need are inspiring others to make a difference in our community. I want to be like her when I grow up! Anissa

  40. Coming over the Sierras on Saturday morning. I stopped at a vista and looked out over the Sierras and Donner Lake. The scene was so vast and the view so glorious I just could not help it but to stand and breathe it in. Then, going down the hill I heard a beautiful song being sung live on the radio by KammMac – “Just One More Hallelujah”

  41. I am currently in Poland building relationships with Poles and helping them to know that God loves them and wants to be a part of their lives. I am in wonder of the Holy Spirit and how HE touches hearts and allows Poles, even through the language barrier, to understand God and His love. I could not do this ministry without the Holy Spirit.

  42. I have to work really hard at being wonder struck. I have been following Ann Voscamp on her blog and every month she sends out prompts for the days of the week for you to look for gifts from God throughout your day. I have to be very intentional this does not come easy for me. I’m a bit of a Debbie Downer. But I have been practicing this for a couple months now and I’m getting better at it. So of course fall is beautiful and nature is beautiful and I so see God in it that’s easy, right? And soft doggies with their smiling faces. And delicious meals. Meals made by others even better. But giving shots to my 9 year old who has had diabetes since she was 1, is that beautiful ? I want to find beauty/grace in that. I wanna be wonder struck by that. I really do! And all the other hard stuff in this life… I wanna see God in the center of it.

    • Dalisa, Love me some Ann Voskamp– what an incredible woman. Praying for you– May God astound you with wonder upon wonder in your life as you discover his presence in every area of your life.

  43. I was wonderstruck this weekend when a great friend and I took my kids to the South Texas Corn Maize. Hearing my kids laugh, giggle and scream with excitement as we worked our way through the maze, jumped on the bouncy, rode in a barrel train and just had fun talking on the 90 minute drive, it was all wonderful.

  44. I had the pleasure of meeting a Christian artist yesterday. I thanked for a song he wrote that got my daughter the ought a really difficult time in her life 4 yrs ago. Also in hearing him sing the song during worship I God showed me the song applied as much to me as it did my daughter.

  45. Thanks for a fun giveaway! I am wonder struck right now at how God grows up babies into toddlers. How is it possible that a year ago my little gal couldn’t sit up, and now she throws herself off playground equipment with joy? 🙂

  46. My husband and I visited The Garden of the God’s in Colorado Springs,CO. Absolutely breathtaking and we renamed it the Gardens of THE only God.

  47. I saw the wonder of God on a dear face of a 91 yr. old friend as she was describing what God had done in her neighbors life the past 6 mo. This was a neighbor that shut the door in her face when she went to introduce herself. Through much love and prayer God has broken down a wall and put a friend next to her that will love and pray for her. It’s a long story, but a blessed by God one.

  48. I was wonderstruck this week by the amazing and beautiful changes in the environment that signals fall.the beauty of all the colors. Sometimes we get to busywith life to notice the everyday things. I had the opportunity to just enjoy the outdoors and all the beautiful changes and i realized how wonderful God is…

  49. One of the biggest blessings of working at a church is hearing all of the amazing stories of life change I get to hear each week. I love hearing about how much God is doing all around me!

  50. Brandi Brandenburg October 15, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    I watched the sunset yesterday. Every time I see a sunset I can’t help but think, “Wow! Our God is so awesome!” All the awesome colored leaves covering the trees and ground really added to the beauty too!

  51. I saw the wonder of God on the smiling face of my best friend. She is in her battle to beat cancer and her treatments caused her hair to come out. With her new wig on as I left her house we both looked to the heaven, I lifted my hand and said God is good. She lifted hers higher than mine and said all the time. Wow it took my breath away. The unexpected joy found during pain.

  52. In Oxnard, CA this weekend for our church’s annual women’s retreat. This year I’m having health issues and my legs are not working very well. I would never have been able to attend this weekend event away from home without the constant assistance of 2 wonderful ladies. I am wonder struck by their love and generosity

  53. Michelle Strickland October 15, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    I have been struck by the wonder of God this week as I drove from my home in Kentucky to visit my parents in Mississippi. The color of the fall leaves on the trees as I drove was so beautiful! I really had a “praise Jesus” moment each time I saw a different color. The orange, red, yellow and green leaves were just such a reminder to me of God’s creativity and that even in death (the leaves dying) there can be beauty. He makes all things new!

  54. william hancock October 15, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Without even thinking about it my answer is my wife Stacey. In everything she does, she lives out of this wonder for God. She lives out of a child like understanding that God everything He says He is and more. I am so amazed by her love of God and can only hope to see Him like she does one day. It is a beautiful thing. P.s. Margaret, you are absolute favorite author. She would freak to get your new book early.

  55. I went to a Cleansing Stream retreat this last weekend and God healed me and freed me from so much stuff that was holding me back in my relationship with God. The retreat itself was such an amazing wonderful experience, the second you walk in the door, its like walking into a safe, safe, place because of the intercessory prayer that they do before hand.

  56. Through my child… My youngest is 18months and I was holding him in my arms he pointed up to the sky and said,”WOW”, I said,”Yeah, Sky”…He said,”No Mommy, WooooW!” I smiled and we both just stared at the clouds and I saw the sky through my child’s eyes and was Wonderstruck! God makes everyday so beautiful is we just look.

  57. Catherine Calvetti October 16, 2012 at 6:47 am

    In the gorgeous autumn colors surrounding me on northern Wisconsin.

  58. I live in Michigan so this time of year we are continuously surrounded by the beauty God blesses us with in the amazing fall colors; yet what has caused me – and my teen daughter- to be wonderstruck this week has been the beauty and variety of sunrises and cloud formations. Each morning the sun rises in bright oranges, red, yellows, and, mixed with the blue sky, even purples!
    When the multi-hued sun peeks through the clouds it is breathtaking!

  59. I saw the wonder of gone this week as my son Gabe began his speaking tour in Montana to encourage young people during the red ribbon week. Gabe was born missing the bones in his arms, his legs are crooked, and he is 45% deaf. But God has used him mightily to speak courage and hope into the lives of those he touches. Transformation is happening all around as people see that Gabe’s hope is in Jesus. Gabe’s message is #CLEAR.

  60. in the fall colors- what an extravagant display God puts on for us!

  61. This morning on my 5:00 am walk I was again “wonderstruck” by the awesome beauty of the night sky. God hung all the stars and He calls them by name! Then He blows some wispy clouds across the sky. Amazing!

  62. As I study the Word, I find that I am wonderstruck by His speaking to me & opening my eyes to things I had not understood.

  63. Patricia Jensen October 16, 2012 at 9:45 am

    I see the wonders of God each Tuesday morning in the faces of each lady at the Bible Study I attend. We are ladies from different churches in our city of Santa Maria, Ca. but with the same love of Jesus.

  64. My husband and I are expecting our first child (a boy!) in February and I’ve just started to feel him kickin and jumpin around.. everytime I feel him, I am utterly and completely wonderstuck. I’m seeing God in a new way in every step of this pregnancy.. the overwhelming feeling through all of it is wonder.

  65. I saw the wonder of God while visiting my friend in AZ this week. God has been using her and using me to bring us both closer to Him through the devastating betrayal of our husbands who are in the process of breaking apart our homes. We read different books and share with each other to help each other. I would love to read Wonderstruck to then share with her:)

  66. Pamela Chadwick October 16, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    In July, I literally stepped on my cat and fell down my stairs breaking four bones and needing surgery. Not only did my church family and friends rally and support me emotionally, they took turns being my personal taxi service, supplied meals, shopped for me and went so far as to clean out my two cat boxes!!! Now that is true friendship because I have three cats that require on-going care. I was struck by their goodness. They always made sure I made it to church, when I was able to travel.

    In the interim, I lost my job. Again, my church family always checks to be sure my needs are met.

    I found out today, I have a degenerative disc disease. It occurs to me, how fortunate I am to be able to have had all this time to heal. If I had a job, this would not be the case. I received so many blessings by being humbled by all those, who have stepped up and helped me. I have have had less distractions and my prayer life just increased as did my personal study time. God has seen to my every need as promised, and I get all the more joy being able to share this with anyone, who asks why I have hope! 🙂 Thanks for giving me a chance to share. Pam~

    • Oh my, Pamela, your positive outlook is leaving me wonderstruck. Bless you and your incredible testimony. May God continue to reveal himself in the midst of pain and heartache.

      • Pamela Chadwick October 17, 2012 at 3:01 pm

        Thanks Margaret for your encouraging words! Pray for me when you get a moment. Tomorrow, I take a test for employment with my county social service department. 🙂 I know God is going to put me where I will be able to serve HIM best! Have a great day 🙂

  67. I have two wonderstruck moments. The first is in sharing sunrises with my kids. Looking at the colors with them and since they are young, having them describe the colors. The second was this last weekend at OOR during the CPD Women’s conference. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings with the women from my group and just breathing it all in. The wonder of the smells of the surrounding trees and seeing the corresponding wildlife and the deer.

  68. Yesterday, in the midst of cooling temps and falling leaves, we had an absolutely glorious day of full sunshine. I took a walk, crunching leaves along the way as I drank in the sheer joy of being outside. My neighborhood was pretty quiet, so I had a lengthy amount of time to praise God for His glory and to lift up some concerns. God is so good!

  69. I feel Wonderstruck every other weekend when my granddaughter is here with us for the weekend. Her mommy, my daughter, suffered a brain anurysm rupture in 2004 and lives with us now since she can no longer care for herself. I’m so amazed at the compassion and love shown by her daughter, my granddaughter, who is 9 years old as she interacts with her mother. This happened when my granddaughter was 14 months old so she really has no memories of time spent with her mother who loved her so and loves her still.

  70. What struck me as wonderment this week is that God wants us to have the desires of our hearts. In May I lost my dog. She was very loved but tired. This week God provided me with another puppy. There is nothing like the excitement of a new one!

  71. I heard the wonder of God today as a woman at Bible study shared how God answered her prayer for an affordable pair of shoes for her toddler who desparately craved another pair like the one she’d just lost.

    The same woman shared how God saved her from suicide several months ago.

    And I was lost in wonder at God’s care for the large and small issues in our lives.

  72. We homeschool, the girls are in 1st and 2nd grade. We have many days of tears – due to missing problems or just plain having to do the problems. Tonight at dinner my youngest (the one who challenges me THE MOST) thanked the Lord that I was her teacher because I was so much fun. Wow – that was a God thing! Totally lifted me and I know we will make it through another day. God planted the desire to homeschool back in 1990. Emily was born in 2005 and Amy 2007 – it has been worth the wait to see what He is doing through all of us.

  73. I saw the wonder of God this week when my son, after countless repetition of this week’s History Sentence about Buddhism and Hinduism, stated, “Mom, we need to go to India and China and tell those people that Jesus is the ONLY enlightened one and that God is the ONE great spirit!” I am so grateful to be able to see God work in his life each day as we explore His creation together.

  74. During the week I work at a Pre-school and daycare. Each morning when I see the kids the greet me with squeals and hugs. They each speak loader and loader fighting for my attention. It reminds me, I’m suppose to be like the kids ,excited and happy to spend time with my Heavenly Father instead of dreading it!!

  75. I was caught wonderstruck this week. The enemy was throwing fiery darts through things that had happened in the past.. It all brought back memories of pain and numbness. Like breathing glass.. I have healed. My heavenly Father, has breathed restoration into my life. He is my healing salve. But at this moment I knew Satan was trying to get his foot in.. A moment later my 10 year old son came into the room and says ” Hey mama, every morning I’m going to wake up and say, Jesus! With hands raised in the air.” And then he added, ” I’m gonna say it even if I’m half asleep!” Jesus spoke to me through Him at that moment. It was breathtaking. Wonderstruck.

  76. I have seen the wonder of God in the steadfast love, grace, and mercy He continues to extend to me when I am faithless!

  77. My new, little three-year-old foster daughter and I take turns pointing out the gorgeous trees in CT this time of year…especially when the sun hits them just right. It’s really exciting to share God’s beauty with a new little girl who is just learning about God.

  78. Marianne Gardner October 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    In this past week I’ve seen the glorious wonder of God through His healing power! Over the past several months I, a typically very healthy 23 year old newlywed, have been experiencing sever pain and weakness through out my whole body. I battled extensive rashes, difficulty swallowing, trouble breathing, and even being unable to walk. Through His grace He is allowing me to come to know Him by new names, He is my comfort, my strength, my healer, my hope. And many more. I’m still on the road, but the leaps and bounds I’ve come He really is showing off! And I really am left WONDERSTRUCK!!

    • Marianne, Praying for grace, peace, and healing to sweep over you. That your husband will have the faith and peace to walk beside you whatever the diagnosis, and you will continue to sing of God’s goodness each day. Blessings to you!

  79. This week, and the last few months even, I’m been amazed at how God takes care of our relationships. I moved to Japan, while everything and everyone stayed home or is elsewhere. Even through the separation, the difficulty in communicating, time conflicts, and the lack of time spent together, God is still inspiring others and myself and using us in each other’s lives. My best friend at home and I are both planning our weddings and even though we can’t physically do things with each other that we’ve dreamed of doing together, our hearts still support, encourage, and inspire each other along the way. And God is evident throughout it all!

  80. In my wife, Betty, I am constantly awed by the depths of her love and acceptance for me.

  81. This week and every day I am blessed to get to work as a Children’s Pastor where I get to work with families and kids daily taking them on a journey to become more like Christ. But what is even more awesome than that I get to come home to 2 precious little girls age 7 and age 1 running to the door to give me a BIG hug. I live wonderstruck every day because of his gift of life and love that I receive through my children and hundreds of children who desire Jesus.

  82. I’m wonder struck at the prophecies we are seeing in our lifetime. To be able to be a generation witnessing Gods divine plans unfolding…We truly live in a exciting time.

  83. On my way to work, I saw the most amazing full rainbow while a worship song played on the radio…reminding me how God has not forgotten His promises to His people and His grace is sufficient.

  84. I found a voice recording on my 5-year old daughter’s dsi of her singing her own song of worship to God. “I love God, He loves me, that is why I pray.” it filled me with wonder how our spirits cry out to God with faith like a child. So pure and sincere.

  85. Wonderstruck by the extreme complexity of nature that makes it both strong and fragile at the same time.

  86. This week has been busier than usually with meetings and boys’ activities. The kind of week where I probably do miss those moments God shows off his glory. With the storms coming through, the sunsets have been beautiful! The last couple of nights and even yesterday morning the sky was beyond words, but so thankful that I was in my car at those moments and able to admire Him. My 11yr old even said ‘God is making us slow down to look at his painting masterpieces’!

  87. I am continuously Wonderstruck by God watching Him work in my husband’s heart. For years I prayed for his salvation until our 10 year anniversary when I was able to lead him in the sinners prayer. And this past summer I watched him at our church’s kid’s camp working, praying and worshiping with children. I was seriously wonderstruck!

  88. I’ve been going through a decade of a really hard season, desert, marshland, valley, type of season. And I confess that I’m feeling very dry right now & it’s hard for me to remember how awesome my Abba really is. The thing is I have a best friend who is letting me stay with her, who is making sure I have food & gas for my car, who stays up late & speaks hope, truth & a whole lot of Jesus in my life. That’s when I’m reminded that He still sees me, hears me, loves me & provides for me. I am left in wonder at my Abba who turns the seasons not just in my life but on the planet I live. I am revived for another day.

    • Melissa, Left speechless after reading your comment. Our God moves and works even through those around us. Keep pursuing Him; He’ll never stop pursuing you.

  89. I have the honor of being wonderstruck on a daily basis through my daughter. She was born with multiple chronic illnesses. She is now 4 and knows no other life than she has, so she smiles a huge smile through her cleft scarred lips and twinkling eyes. She is such a gift; I am in awe that the Lord would choose to bless me so tremendously.

  90. My 3 year old asked me this week how we can hug God. I was overwhelmed with his curiosity and desire to embrace our Father. It reminded me of the wonder of a child and how we are to come to the feet of Jesus with that some wonder.

  91. Lately I am seeing the wonder of God in the simple things of life. For instance, this morning I woke to the sun shining through my window and it is warm enough to keep my window open as I work at my desk. The Wonder of God, because fall in the Mid West usually means shutting the windows and a few dreary days.

  92. I see the wonder of God in the faces of the everyday people who make the brave choices to face their pain and drive through their mountain instead of circling it.

  93. Michele, after reading the testimonies of everyone who has commented already, I couldn’t be more with you. The courage and bravery in the lives of those who endure trials blows me away! May we all continue to live boldly and bravely in God’s name.

    • I am also wonderstruck by your light Margaret. You were an inspiration in my life in 2008 when I first saw you speak at my church about an “organic God”. I was going though one of the most difficult trials of my life and I left church that day on a cloud ready to take off my shoes (like you did) and feel the earth under my feet confident that God made it for me and would be walking beside me. Maybe even barefoot. 🙂

  94. I am a hospice chaplain and there are numerous moments where I have witnessed God at work, where I am humbled and brought to the verge of tears. I am amazed at the work of God in a person or family’s life. I am in awe of God when the team of nurses, social workers and myself as chaplain work together to enable people in their final days to have dignity, peace, and comfort. Patient forgives or is forgiven. I have see where people who have burned every bridge of relationship and that family returns to care and remain present when that person is dying. Recently, I have seen a woman cry after receiving communion, saying “my heart is full, now I can die.” I am always amazed how God has been present in communion, to show his grace and forgiveness.

  95. The text notification sound I have on my iPhone is a harp. This morning I texted an urgent prayer request to several friends. Immediately my phone began resounding with the beautiful music of harp chords, one right after the other! It brought me to tears, as I thanked God for the sweet music of His prayer angels!

  96. Two things–

    1. I live on a pond and every morning seeing the mist rise off of it, over the New England autumn trees across it, fills me with awe at our Creator.

    2. The church where I work is, in some respects, a timid place where change is fought even harder than normal. This week a couple of small God-ward changes seem to have been embraced. That’s pretty wondrous, too!

  97. I have seen the wonder of God most recently because of a little boy, who just lost his third battle with cancer in three years, last night. Lane Goodwin has inspired me in so many ways as I followed him in his final months through his Facebook page, Thumbs Up for Lane Goodwin. The page was regularly updated by his mother, Angie, with his triumphs and bumps in the road. Throughout everything, they have maintained a level of faith, prayer, and trust in God that pales what I give on a daily basis in my own carefree life. I admire their faith and steadfastness, and I have a new hero, who has inspired more national change in his little life than most could ever in a full lifetime.

  98. I see the wonder of God in the simple things, like a high school freshman telling me that he has the desire to seek God more and join a small group, the changing colors of the leaves outside my window, and the taste of bacon… God knew what he was doing!

  99. Yesterday I started to get discouraged after several big challenges/ I thought, Is God really even there? I started to doubt but I prayed God would help my unbelief. . .This morning I got up and read the Bible Gateway verse of the day on my cell phone (Message version) “I’m sure now I’ll see God’s goodness in the exuberant earth. Stay with GOD! Take Heart. Don’t quit. I’ll say it again. Stay with GOD.” Psalm 27:14 I think I’ll stay with God 🙂 God does speak to me through His Word and that makes His Word full of Wonder to me.

  100. Our 3 1/2 year old special needs grandson drew a fabulous picture of a pumpkin – unprompted. I wept when he finished and used sign language to say “pumpkin!”

  101. In the Biblical words of Steve Saint, “His ways are higher than our ways…”

  102. Posted on facebook earlier today (it was such a God-moment). Am so hoping to win for my ladies group to study in late January

  103. I have seen the wonder of God in my Mom. She is in Germany, where she was born and raised until 10. She is there with her mother and her sister. Usually this kind of trip is a joyous occasion, but this time they are there at my Oma’s request to say goodbye to her family. Oma has been battling ovarian cancer for close to 5 years now, and this time it has really taken a toll and she can’t seem to get the better of it. Though my Mom has spent the most of this trip battling illness, and unexpectedly having her sister leave to take care of some business state side, I have seen her shine and rise above it all to make the most memorable trip she can for her mother, all the while thanking God for letting her have this time with her mother.

    • Julie, that must be so difficult to watch. I pray you are filled with the words to say and can comfort her during this time. But how wonderful you can have the front row seat to see her shine!

  104. I cannot put my finger on just one thing this week. Last week seem like such a bad week at work and in children ministry. This week was opposite everything seems to be falling in place with the beauty of the colorful fall leaves i am completely wonderstruck on the power of prayer. Wonderstruck with all the blessings in my life. Very excited for you on the release of your book.

  105. Actually from the beginning of the month….While at Catalyst Atlanta listening to Francis Chan speak on the Prodigal Son I received a text from my 20 yr old daughter…… “you have your daughter back” – Almost a year ago she left our home and went with a verbally (possibly physically) abusive boyfriend (first love). Our family and church family prayed for that moment….. and GOD chose that very moment in the middle of 14,000 Christian leaders to say….. “all of these things are good, but I want to show you PERSONALLY what prayer, patience, and steadfast love can yield. When you let go and give your burdens to me – I will AMAZE you. Prepare the feast – your prodigal is coming home!” I have my daughter back! Thanks to GOD! With God anything is possible. Our God still works miracles!

  106. Been watching you on Instagram & I’m wonderstruck by your journey. How God takes ordinary people & gives them extraordinary lives is amazing. Thanks for sharing your pics as you travel around this beautiful land of ours. Our freedom, the beauty, the lovely people. I’m #wonderstruck by a God who thought to put it all together before time even began! Thanks for posting those pics!

  107. I am wonderstruck by God every time I see my children serve Him as their God, not their parents. They have met Him through our lives, praying together, worshiping together at church and at home, in the car. I have had the privilege to be one of their Sunday school teachers during their lives and we have memorized Scripture in class and now many years later, they can still recite those Bible verses that had touched their hearts. My children are 19 and 12 now and I am thankful that they have made a personal decision to follow God the rest of their lives and serve Him every where they go.

  108. I have been Wonderstruck this week as I have watched two 60 year old women participate in bible study for the first time ever and seen their eyes and hearts opened to God’s Word. Watching their passion for God grow has fueled my own faith!! Their hunger to know Him has left me thankful, completely WONDERSTRUCK! Can’t wait to read this book!!!

  109. Gratitude is the gateway to praise, and Ann’s words and lessons are a constant reminder to live in gratitude each moment. When we do, we find our hearts inextricably bound to the heart of God in praise.

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