A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We’ve Been Taught

Margaret —  February 23, 2014 — 45 Comments

A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

A baby bird flew into our house.

I’d left the back door open to drink in the crisp air never expecting a winged creature to begin whizzing through various rooms, perching on door frames, staring at me from the ceiling fan.

Leif and I tried everything we knew to scoot our new friend to safety. The tiny bird didn't understand that the dashing was dangerous. The distrust made it more difficult to set him free.

The incident reminded me that we do this sometimes, too.

We can become so focused on our circumstance, problem, or adversity that we actually make things worse.

Rather than dart in fear, we can choose to still ourselves with trust. [Tweet this]

Rather than flee, we can choose to feel—and be honest about what we’re feeling with God. [Tweet this]

Rather than exhaust ourselves in panic, we can choose to enter the sanctuary of rest. [Tweet this]

A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

No matter what situation or set of circumstances we find ourselves boxed in by, we can remember that God is with us. And He wants to set us free.

From the doubt. From the pain. From the loss. From the hopelessness. From the depression. From the brokenness. From the disappointment. From all that ensnares us.

A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

Whatever you may be facing, God’s presence remains. Nothing escapes his notice.

The tiny bird landed on the floor and began bouncing across the carpet. As Leif and I approached, he paused to look at us. I dropped a soft t-shirt over his small frame and carried him outside. He began to chirp, singing thanks. Unwrapping the binding, our new friend launched into the air and into life again.

A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

In whatever circumstance, diagnosis, or adversity you find yourself in, my prayer is that you’ll remember who longs to set you free. It may get dark, but know God is with you and for you. And one day you will soar to new heights through Him.

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  • let go of the past
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What encouragement do you have for those walking through the darkness?

45 responses to A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We’ve Been Taught

  1. Margaret this sounds so good. I’m definitely sharing this good word. I’d like to hear more. Pick me! Pick me!

  2. AWESOME!!!!! I have really needed these words this week! Can’t wait to see you again in Roanoke this Fall!!!

  3. This was a wonderful picture of our response to fear. I hope to use this example in our ladies Sunday School class soon and to encourage others going through difficult times.

  4. Melinda Ysaguirre February 23, 2014 at 6:51 am

    True “God-incident” – your responses and actions with the birdie give us all so much to think about in whatever comes our way. God is near. Thank you Margaret. Always grateful for your timely uplifting words and encouragement.
    Hugs for now friend…

  5. What advice do I have for people walking through the darkness? Choose to trust God. Tell Him the truth of how you feel AND decide that He knows what He’s doing. Repeat as often as necessary.

  6. Ah, yes – a profoundly, timely message – thank you.

  7. Thank you for this post!!

  8. Hi friend,
    It’s been sometime since I have written you. Been praying for your journey through cancer. This blog is so timely for me as 3.5 weeks ago I broke my ankle in 4 major places. One second I was joyously walking along and the the next I was kissing the pavement…. 5 seconds changed my life course. Fighting through the pain is difficult, but the fear battle which hit following surgery has been a royal battle; crippling. It was terrible and nothing I seemed to do could make it stop. I prayed, others prayed, I remembered scripture… The fear gripped tight and I thought my sanity might be the victim. God is good and I have more peace but still the fear raises it’s ugly head. I am learning a lot through this journey. I will be blogging my experience, as I am able, of walking with God through this on my blog site http://purpleprincessreflections.wordpress.com should you want to know more. Bounce back … Great title for a book.

  9. Your post is especially pertinent considering all the unrest in the world right now. It is so easy to feel fear, panic and helplessness. Thank you for the reminder to choose trust, peace and rest.

  10. My sweet friend Nancy was diagnosed with Leukemia this week…I think she would love to read this book.

  11. It really is a choice, albeit a very difficult one, to trust God. Praying constantly for the strength to do so. Thank you. Be well.

  12. I’ve been “bouncing” for 35 years since my husband died (I’m now 70). My children are beautifully grown and I have 20 wonderful grandchildren. But I’m still stuck. I would love to read this book, and perhaps learn how to bounce in the right direction.

  13. I am working on not fleeing or stuffing my feelings with food and allowing myself to really feel I am working on this knowing tha I have God right there walking through the feelings with me. Some days I do okay and others not so good but I am determined overcome my over eating. Please pray for me as I walk this journey to freedom.

  14. I’m in the darkest place of my life to date

  15. It is a choice whether to fear or trust, but can be very scary sometimes. I have had a few of those times in my life. And I pray for those who are in this situation now. Help them Lord to look above the waves to You.

  16. I would love to win this book. One more week until the Extraordinary conference in Tulsa. We have our tickets ready. Yea. Have a blessed day.

  17. Thank you Margaret, for your blessed comments. We are traveling a tricky road in our family, me with metastasized breast cancer, and young teenage girls and small son and husband trying to be supportive, along with other family health situations, moving house and MiL to be near to each other. Certainly we could do with a bit of bouncing back- your encouragement through your blog is much appreciated. Hoping and praying that you are knowing Gods presence and joy in the circumstances you find yourself too, even on dark days. Thank you for sharing Gods grace and path with us. XX

  18. This could not come at a better time. We are currently trying to find a place to live and it is not just for myself but also for my son’s family as well. We need two separate dwelling places and we’ve been hit with one difficulty after another. It’s been exasperating and I know my son and his fiance are totally stressed out over it. I am completely relying on God because He is the only one who can make things happen. I have a saying taped to my wall over my desk. It reads: “If you have not trusted God for the impossible, you have not really trusted God.”

  19. So beautifully illustrated. For the last 6 mos. I have been the little bird dashing around wondering how I will ever fly again, but I feel God is about to reach down and set me free.I definitely want to read Julie’s book.

  20. I’d love to win a copy of Bounce Back. It’s been such a tumultous time in the life of our family; I could use all the skill and Grace available to model how to get through for those I love.
    Thank you, as always, for your words and your spirit.
    Peace and good to you in Jesus’ name

  21. Been down for quite awhile – I really need to Bounce Back.

  22. Your words were perfectly timed and a great reminder of God’s goodness! The book sounds wonderful! Every morning I wrestle with God not wanting to get out of bed and face all of my difficult circumstances. Dear Jesus, we need you!

  23. I loved this post. Sometimes I feel like the little bird, flying around everywhere and not finding the place I’m supposed to be where I can be safe. I would like to win the book Bounce Back because I seriously need to do that. I started writing my testimony and when I wrote about the sexual abuse in my past all kinds of things jumped out at me. I am working through it with a therapist and God. Mostly God. He listens to me when I can’t find the words to say out loud or on paper of what I’m feeling.

  24. What wonderful examples of how we can react when fear sets in. Thank you Margaret.

  25. Excellent article! Really helped me!

  26. Margaret, thank you for this post. It seems like I have spent most of my 64 years living in some kind of fear. Fear I’m not like other people, fear of going places by myself, fear I will never find my purpose in life, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes fear keeps me from even taking a walk.
    I am a Christian but this has been an ongoing problem for me and has intensified after my husband passed 2 years ago after 46 years together.
    The book looks great and I see others needs are as great as mine. so Thank you for giveaway

  27. My wife and I have been through a few of those dark moments, Margaret – particularly the dark and often lonely path of infertility. (A little of the story: http://sheridanvoysey.com/resurrectionyear/)

    My encouragement to those in similar circumstances is to hold on to the fact that after the evening comes morning, after the ‘wilderness’ experience comes a new beginning, after the crucifixion comes the resurrection.

    It may take a while, but He will bring you through.

  28. Margaret, I’m re-reading a lovely book “Ruthless” by Bo Stern…love to share a quote ” God is always ahead of us, and we can run as fast as our little legs will carry us, but we will never pass Him up. ….when we have learned to trust that He is ahead of us, we’ll be able to see His fingerprints all over the place”. (p 38) Amen?

  29. Star,

    Your comment touched me deeply. I prayed for you. I wonder if there might be a way for us to connect via email? A phrase which has helped me tremendously: “Never forget in the dark what God has shown you in the light” Elizabeth Elliott. Another good book which helped in the past is “faith in the night seasons” by Missler. Old book. But good.

    Hugs Dear One

  30. Michele Barzal-BonEnfant February 24, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Thank you Margaret for using the gifts that God gave you..

  31. This really hit a note with me. The choosing ! ! ! I choose God! ! ! If I can only remember that when I am darting around like the bird.

  32. Thank you for sharing hope, strength, and courage to keep our eyes and thoughts on and in The Lord

  33. I would LOVE to win this book….BUT, if I don’t, I will be buying it. I SO need to let go of my past…so much abuse that keeps flashing up in my life that is disturbing my walk.

  34. Darkness is hovering over me … I would love to win this book for hope and strength!

  35. What a wonderful post. Would love to win the book.

  36. Bounce Back = For This We Have Jesus!

  37. I would love to win this book. Also looking forward to following the NT reading guide for Lent!

  38. I just found your site today. (Started Wonderstruck with other dear sisters in Maple Grove MN a few weeks ago.) I”lI bookmarked and willl be reading your blog regularly.
    Thank you.

  39. I’m always game for a book that will deepen my love affair with Jesus!

  40. Yes, thanks to all those families sharing their stories.

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