Check Out This Silly Wonderstruck Video: What Do You Think?

Margaret —  December 4, 2012 — 26 Comments

Wondederstruck Video


Some people are funny. A few people are hilarious.

Joe Kirkendall is Hi-larious. He’s The MILL’s Teaching Pastor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and co-author of The College Adventure Handbook. He decided to make this ridiculously awesome—I don’t know how else to describe it—video about Wonderstruck.

Tell us what you think. Should this be THE OFFICIAL Wonderstruck Book Trailer?

If you can't see the video above, click here for the link.

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26 responses to Check Out This Silly Wonderstruck Video: What Do You Think?

  1. I like the video. I find humor in stuff like this. 🙂
    However, I think something along a different line would promote Wonderstruck a bit better.

  2. Cute:d I did a directional speech on making a pb&j looooong time ago…the video brought back the memory & the laughs. Those if us that are on the edge of our seats waiting for the book, this would make us smile. To draw

    • (Oops, hit a key that sent in b4 I was done! Lol). To draw others into the excitement that the book can share…the video–>not do much. Happy Day!

    • Carly, I think a lot of us did pb&j speeches in the past 🙂 We should make a PB&J speech club

  3. It’s a funny concept but I think it’s a bit too long to work well. I’dnsuggest sharing this on social media as a way to generate buzz and have something else put together for the trailer.

  4. Great video, but it doesn’t seem to click in my mind with what I read so far, and the other videos I previewed of Wonderstruck.

  5. The video is funny, but I do not think it is appropriate for the official trailer for Wonderstruck. One reason is because the theme of Wonderstruck isn’t a book on humor, and it doesn’t fit to tie the two together. Another reason is that it could limit the reader base, by people not taking the book seriously.

    • Sharon, you’re right–if we did use it as the official video it could limit the reader base. We decided to use it for a couple extra giggles

  6. Personally I have trouble listening to one thing and reading another. It is funny but not what you speak about in your book. If we are serious about finding wonder in this world – we need to be aware of what is going on… he didn’t seem aware but just focused on his PB & J. But I am a serious person so maybe it would strike others – I like the idea of spreading it on social media – it might make a difference to someone.

    • Janis, thanks for your input! We also liked the idea of spreading it on social media–maybe spread a couple extra smiles

  7. While I found this extremely hilarious… (I am a closet Food Network Junkie.) I am afraid that others might miss the ‘point’ and be caught up in ‘Joe’. So, I agree with the previous comments… Keep one of the existing HERSHEY as star trailers and we will share JOE on social networking! <3 to you Margaret! I think Joe has a great future.. just not with Wonderstruck as his beginning! LOL

  8. It’s cute, but Hershey’s wins out…. just can’t compete with that level of cuteness, not to mention that the strong impression of the sense of awe of God’s touch in our lives that Wonderstruck promises to convey.

  9. Hello Margaret,
    I agree with Sharon, Nancy, and Kim, their perspective and take is spot on. Finding delight in demonstrating the simplicity of making a pb&j sandwich falls a tad bit short in what your book showcases. I love humor & Steve Martin is one my favs along with Carol Burnett, however the video is flat albeit tongue & cheek – hopefully you will have successions of a few funny videos to accompany this because on its own it will just crack a smile…

  10. I enjoyed it. But then, I have a twisted sense of humor. I got it from my kids.
    I shared it on fb. I like to laugh at myself and the point he puts across allows us to do just that.
    I vote yes!

  11. Very cute and fun … But I gotta say, I thought the rap video was more attention grabbing. 🙂

  12. Loved the video!! Reminds me of something my youngest daughter would do! Lol! She’s always making videos for school and has that sense of humor. I love what it says about “getting out of your routine and experiencing greater things”. I think that’s why I love the PB&J video! Being a mom of 3 kids with 2 out of school and one still to go I’ve spent many years of making those sandwiches for thousands of lunches! It’s been a huge part of my routine! Ha ha! Love the symbolism there!

  13. This is awesome. This guy rocks!

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