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3 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me As a Writer

My writing career began as an intern for Christian Retailing magazine. My first published pieces were reviews of books, music, and products in the back of various publications. I spent years honing the craft of writing in segments of 250-words or less.

This slow, humble beginning taught me the basics of writing and publishing.

Don’t miss a deadline.

Be good to your editor.

Make every word count.

Stay within the word limitation.

Earn trust, then spend it to earn more.

Find new ways to convey old expressions.

Study the publications where you want to be published.

Every piece provided the opportunity to learn more and grow in the craft of writing. Here are three things I wish someone had told me sooner:

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If You’re Serious About Writing, You Can’t Afford Not to Read This

Do you or someone you know have a story to tell?

Do you or someone you love need that extra nudge to make their writing dreams a reality?

What if this year, you or the person you love (or both) give the gift of attending Writers Boot Camp for Christmas?

My friend, Jonathan Merritt, is a guru in the publishing world. He’s an award-winning faith and culture writer who serves as senior columnist for Religion News Service. He has published more than 2,000 articles in outlets such as USA Today, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Christianity Today, and CNN.comBlamo!

If that’s not enough, Jonathan has also published three books, including his most recent, Jesus is Better Than You Imagined, which Publishers Weekly described as full of “winsome writing and absorbing tales.” He has also worked as a collaborator, writing coach, and ghostwriter on dozens of other titles.

I asked Jonathan what makes the difference between people who dream about writing and those who become writers. 

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Those who register for Writers Boot Camp: Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 20-22, 2016 are extraordinary people.


Because they share one common trait: they’ve decided to make the dreams of sharing their message a reality.

They’re ready to move from daydreams to deadlines, from good intentions to concrete goals.

Maybe that’s why Writers Boot Camp sells out so fast. The first three events sold out in 48 hours.

One of the very limited spots is available for YOU.

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Many of the Christmas cards and holiday update letters are collages of the years’ accolades and accomplishments, extravagant purchases, as well as promotions and photos from one-in-a-lifetime trips. But what do you do say when your year has been marked by loss or pain, foreclosure or funerals, divorce papers or a difficult diagnosis?

Difficult life events can make it hard to know what to write.

We stare at the blank page wondering what to say and what’s best left unsaid. Here are 5 tips on how to write a Christmas letter after you’ve had a bad year:  Continue Reading...

Why Mandalas Are So Popular in Adult Coloring Books

If you’ve thumbed through a stack of adult coloring books, you’ve probably seen the use of mandalas, a Sanskrit word for “sacred circle” that’s a circular form of art.

Surprised by how many adult coloring books featured mandalas and appear to be influenced by Eastern religions, I hired a researcher to help me better understand the history and meaning of mandalas.

I ask for your grace. I’m just beginning to wrap my head around all of this, but what I’m discovering so far just might surprise you: Continue Reading...