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Free Books, Free Books, Free Books—Win Them Here, Now, Today

Summer reading season is upon us. Some gifts have nestled on my desk that I want to share with you.

The first is from my friend and pastor, Michael Hildago. The lead pastor and a gifted communicator at Denver Community Church, he is translating faith to a new generation of spiritual seekers in creative yet authentic ways.

I’m a huge fan. Continue Reading...

5 Reasons to Join an Online Bible Study

What do you do about your weekly small group when your schedule gets crazy?

You can’t find a small group that meets on the only night you’re available.

The Bible study at your church doesn’t offer childcare.

You miss too many meetings because of the kid’s practices, concerts, and the never-ending carpool responsibilities.

Or maybe your church doesn’t offer small groups during the summer because of conflicting schedules. Continue Reading...

Free books! Free books! Free books! Don't Miss This Giveaway

I have so many friends and books and projects I have been just bubbling up to share with you.

Let me introduce you to a few of my dear friends (plus a chance to win free books!):

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Is God A Rewarder of Dogged Determination and Holy Chutzpah?

The highest compliment that my Jewish grandmother ever handed out:

“She’s got chutzpah!” (pronounced hoot-spuh)

Perhaps that’s because my Jewish grandmother didn’t hand out many compliments. (If you lack a Jewish grandmother you may not recognize why that last line is funny).

In my Jewish father’s home, chutzpah was a good thing. It meant you had courage, strength, bravery, readiness to step out and say or do whatever is needed.

That’s why, a few years ago, I started posting a Morning Chutzpah on Twitter.

Every day, I provide a quote from a Jewish thinker, writer, entertainer that’s got some pow. Sometimes they’re reflective. Ironic. Zany. Funny. Here’s a doozy: Continue Reading...

Watch My Most Vulnerable Interview Ever On PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

When PBS’ Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly asked to interview me about the painful journey behind Fight Back With Joy, I felt hesitant. I’d never allowed a film crew into our home, let alone a national television show, before.

What questions regarding my cancer battle would they ask?

What topics related to the struggle with depression and despair would they probe?


Religion and Ethics

Yet as you’ll see from the inspiring segment created by correspondent Kim Lawton, Janice Henderson and their team, each of us can learn to practice a defiant joy.

This is a segment you can share with anyone facing any battle, regardless of religious background, to encourage them today.

Watch the full interview here:


Watch My Most Vulnerable Interview Ever On PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

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