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Why Breast Cancer Patients Hate October

The young mom coos at her six-month-old child as she reaches to rub noses with her baby girl. The child releases a gleeful sound of delight. The love between the two wafts across the room. I inhale deeply. Then remember where I am.

This isn’t just any room.

This is the breast cancer waiting room.

This woman is fighting for her life. Continue Reading...

5 Reasons Christian Adult Coloring Books Are Popular

My 3-year-old friend, Emory, often asks her mom, “What does this mean?” when they color together. Her mom, Meagan, explains, “This verse means God loves you very, very much.”

Moms and dads spending time with kids.

Grandparents coloring with grandchildren.

Teenagers creating their own artwork.

Christian schools stocking their classrooms.

Bible studies enjoying creativity together.

Coloring is like working on a puzzle together in that it provides an activity that fosters conversation and connection. Rather than talking about cartoon characters, through the Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book families and friends reflect on Scripture. Teenagers are committing passages to memory.

We’re overwhelmed by the response to the Live Loved Christian Coloring Book. Why are coloring books all the rage right now? Here are five reasons: Continue Reading...

Giving Away Some Treasures Today—Want One?

Over the last two years, I’ve been thrilled to host Writers Boot Camp with an amazing team. The first three events sold out in 48 hours. If you want to get on the wait list or be alerted if we host another, click here.

One of the biggest thrills is seeing people who have been through bootcamp release books implement the strategies we teach.

Jenny Simmons (of the band, Addison Road) is among those who have graduated from boot camp.

I’d been rooting for this sought-after musician and speaker like crazy, and am thrilled to now hold her new book, The Road to Becoming: Rediscovering Your Life in the Not-How-I-Planned-It Moments.

Let’s be honest: Lots of people write books. Few are written well.

Jenny’s writing is beautiful, the story compelling, and her desire for God contagious.

I don’t say that lightly.

In a world where publishing is being pummeled by more “platforms” than artistry, those who fill books with clichés and spiritual baby food, Jenny is a stand-out, must-read author.

We're giving away a copy of Jenny's new book, and also including a copy of her CD, To Be Well. You’ll love, love, love.

Leave a comment on the original blog post below to enter to win.

Winners will be selected and announced on Friday, September 25th.

Congratulations to the winner: Beth

Why I’m into Adult Publishing

Margaret —  September 9, 2015 — 4 Comments

Why I’m into Adult Publishing

We received a call. Okay, calls. Plural. As in, callzzz.

Concerned friends. Confused coworkers. Baffled fans.

What was Margaret Feinberg’s name, a trusted Bible teacher and popular Christian author doing with boxes marked “adult” and “publishing”.

There must have been a mistake. A big mistake.

Some people tried to refuse delivery. Others called the printer to complain.

But one by one they went against their better judgment and opened the boxes that arrived at their homes, their churches, their non-profits.

Only to find something, well, that surprised them even more. Continue Reading...

5 Powerful Reasons You Must Recapture the Lost Art of Sending a Card Today

Technology has turned the way we communicate upside down. Inboxes and text screen overflow. Sometimes emails become more of a bane than blessing. The email with the 124 pictures of cats was adorbs the first time, but somehow less endearing the 54th time you received it.

What if you reached out to someone the old-fashioned way using an aptly worded greeting card?

Who in your life can you reach out to today and speak words of hope and life and encouragement?

I felt compelled to create a line of cards for those who don’t know what to say. Because sometimes store bought cards just don’t capture our hearts.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about why we need to consider sending more cards a regular part of our lives.

198 Continue Reading...