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Even after speaking to audiences of more than a decade to audiences of 10,000 and more, I’m still a passionate student committed to learning how to become a better communicator every chance I get.

Here are 3 tips I wish someone had told me before I ever stepped on stage:

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Bible Study

Every small group has a different DNA made up of interests, needs, desires, passions, and perspectives. Selecting a curriculum is not as easy as slipping on a one-size-fits-all t-shirt. In fact, choosing a Bible study can be the most difficult part when launching any small group.

Here are 5 steps to take when it comes to selecting a Bible study curriculum for your small group or Bible study: Continue Reading...

For the last few weeks, a single phrase rings through my core:

Don’t Miss Your Moment

I sensed it when I held my precious five-week-old twin nephews this summer.

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The Real Secret to Making All Your Dreams Come True

Last week at the Catalyst Conference we explored the theme #awakenthewonder. Hearts were revived. Hope returned. Snow even fell.

Much of the conversation circled around dreaming and vision casting as a leader.

I’m a dreamer. Maybe you’re one, too.

We imagine possibilities.

Develop newfangled ideas.

Sketch the invisible.

Resist the confines of reality.

That’s what dreamers do. That’s who we are. That’s how we roll.

No matter how immense our dreams, Jesus echoes the truth that even the most gargantuan of dreams remains too small. Continue Reading...

Dear Pastor, Two Words You Must Hear Today

Dear Pastor,

Most people have no idea how much you do.

How much you give.

How much you sacrifice.

When it came to professions, you didn’t select an easy one. Perhaps for you, shepherding God’s people is more of a calling than a career.

As many times as you’ve been tempted to quit, the Spirit you won’t allow.

Like shepherding, the terrain can be rough. Dry. Hot. Isolating. A steep uphill trek where your feet slip. The trail disappears. The well isn’t around the next corner. You wonder if you’ve lost your way—not to mention all the sheep trailing behind you.

Then you catch a glimpse of the power and presence and God again.


The moments when heaven touches earth in worship.

The stories of transformation that defy explanation.

The healing that baffles every doctor.

The stray soul that wanders into your congregation and begins flourishing in the most jaw dropping ways.

The word from God that carries you another day, another sermon, another year.

Your work is filled with delight and wonder and heartbreak and pain and so much more. You learn to celebrate peoples’ grandest moments and mourn their greatest losses. You serve as a spiritual Sherpa helping people journey closer to God.

All too often we forget to say thank you. To express our profound appreciation. For you. For your gifts. For your holy tenacity. For running your lane well. For never giving up. For drawing us closer to Jesus. For living out the Gospel before eye ours. For challenging us to cruciformity.

Today, we say thank you. Thank you for all you’ve done for the church.

Much love,
Margaret and a whole lot of friends

In the comment space below, provide a shout out of thanks to your pastor. We will select three to win Starbucks gift cards in appreciation.

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