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Hey There Strong Woman, It’s Okay to Be Weak Some Days

Hey there Strong Woman,

I can’t help but admire your strength.

When other people say “impossible,” you hear a personal challenge.

When others dare use the word, “can’t,” you manage to find a way

When others are ready to give up, you’ve just begun.

You turn a mountain into a molehill and the overwhelming into manageable.

It’s one of the many things I adore about you.

Now let’s be clear. I know you’re not perfect. You’re the first to admit that. But even after all your self-deprecation, many of us still suspect you have super human strength running through your veins.

Yet even for you, the strong woman, the leader, life is hard sometimes. This world is mixed up and messed up. Continue Reading...

Worried? Try Letting Go

Margaret —  November 21, 2014 — 19 Comments

Amy Simpson is author of Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry. She also serves as editor of Gifted for Leadership, Senior Editor of Leadership Journal, a speaker, and a Co-Active personal and professional coach. You can find her at and on Twitter @aresimpson.

This fall, I've invited a few friends to share what God is teaching them. I hope their words are an encouragement to you as you continue to awaken to the joy and delight that comes with being a child of God.

Worried? Try Letting Go

by Amy Simpson

My life began to change the day I heard Isaiah 40 in a whole new way. Continue Reading...

FREE Advent Bible Study Devotional

Have you ever been around people who radiate joy?

The sense of delight permeates their being, their expressions, and even their words. Joy sparkles in their eyes. Joy saturates their voice. Glimpses of joy appear in their posture, the way they carry themselves. Joy is a hard emotion to hide. I can’t help but think God designed it this way.

The expressions of joy, rejoicing, merriment, and more are found more than 400 times throughout the Bible. As children of God, we’re called and created to be joyful.

Our God is a God of joy. God rejoices in creation. From the very beginning, God scanned what he had made and declared its goodness. The Psalms remind us that God’s creation enters into the joy of its Creator. The sunrise and the sunset shout for joy. Even the meadows and valleys join in the chorus. The trees of the forest sing for joy while the rivers clap their hands.

If creation celebrates in God’s joy, how much more should you and I? Continue Reading...

The One Thing You’ll Never Be Able to Buy Online

Almost everything and anything is available to us through the internet. Entertainment. Education. Knowledge awaits at our fingertips. One click and a product from across the world arrives at your doorstep. But one thing still remains that you can’t go bid on eBay or have two-day delivered from Amazon Prime.

What is this gift? Continue Reading...

What to Do When Your Future Feels Flimsy

Two white, wooden rocking chairs move in rhythm on a crisp spring morning. The pinkish hues of dawn disappear as the sun climbs into the sky. My fingers clutch my husband, Leif’s knee. The back of my hand is marred by the wrinkles and sunspots I’ve long since given up trying to fight and learned to embrace them as the signs of a life well-lived.

My vision of the future may look wildly different than yours, but what do you do when circumstances, hardship, and trials blur your vision? Steal your hope? Continue Reading...