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Since the launch of the Scouting the Divine summer Bible study, I’ve been playing in our yard—tugging at stubborn weeds, pruning wild shrubs, plucking the never-ending dandelions.

I find the Holy Spirit nudging me toward Scripture, uncovering deep-rooted truths, with each pinch and snip. I’m rediscovered what many a farmer and gardener know to be true: Continue Reading...

Why God Uses Vineyard Imagery to Reveal His Heart

I AM the vine.

Long before Jesus took on the imagery of the vineyard for Himself, God had been using vineyard imagery to communicate His heart to the people.

The Song of Vineyard is nestled in Isaiah 5:1-7. This delicate yet ferocious poem provides the most detailed description of caring for vineyards in the Scripture.

The syllables capture…

God’s tender care

God’s intimate involvement

God’s long-term commitment

God’s meticulousness

God’s attentiveness

God’s treasure

God’s fierce love

God’s hot jealousy

Watch as a startling turn of events unfold … Continue Reading...

Your Next Breakthrough Hinges on Your Ability to Do This One Thing

I never spoke the significance of the day aloud.

To friends.

To family.

To Leif.

Even to myself.

But the date didn’t escape my notice.

I suspect that combination of month and numeral never will.

The anniversary of my cancer diagnosis is branded into my mind, body and soul. I refused to utter its presence aloud for fear the bright summer day would be taken siege by an emotional downpour.

Yet two years after hearing the “C” word, persevering through brutal treatments, and discovering how to fight back with joy, I see new sprigs of life, fresh leaves of hope, delicate blossoms of compassion spouting forth.

Much has changed over the last two years.

Here are a few highlights: Continue Reading...

Why Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule Doesn’t Work and the 10,000 You Should Really Be Concerned About

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice are required to become world-class in any field. Perhaps you heard the same principle touted. The number always felt too thin to me, as if it were missing an extra zero.

A Princeton study revealed that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice doesn’t offer any guarantees of mastery. A meta-analysis of 88 studies on deliberate practice found that practice accounted for only 12% of the difference in performance.

Consider the wide varying impact of practice:

-In music, practice made a 21% difference

-In sports, it made an 18% difference

-In education, it made a 4% difference

-In profession, it made a 1% difference.

Mastery is more than practice. Factors including the stability of the field, new innovations, as well as competitiveness within the field may have greater impacts and implications than those 10,000 hours.

I recently met a person who reminded me that maybe a far more important 10,000 deserves our time and reflection. This 10,000 may impact your life, your family, your future, more than can imagine. Continue Reading...

Your Life May Depend On Doing This One Thing

We’re adverse creatures.

Adverse to …






Practice avoidance. Skirt the issue. Run away.

But perhaps our lives depend on…. Continue Reading...