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This week, I received a message that captures so much of what many of us think and feel:

Maeghan writes:

“I have a coloring book, and thought I would get started trying to do this as a form of relaxation during my work day. I'm a business office and I have a staff of 11. I’m always bouncing to keep things afloat.

I sat down one day this week to take a break, and couldn't bring myself to color because I WAS AFRAID OF MAKING A MISTAKE.

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Many of the Christmas cards and holiday update letters are collages of the years’ accolades and accomplishments, extravagant purchases, as well as promotions and photos from one-in-a-lifetime trips. But what do you do say when your year has been marked by loss or pain, foreclosure or funerals, divorce papers or a difficult diagnosis?

Difficult life events can make it hard to know what to write.

We stare at the blank page wondering what to say and what’s best left unsaid. Here are 5 tips on how to write a Christmas letter after you’ve had a bad year:  Continue Reading...

When It’s Far, Far More Than You Can Handle

When we’re in a precarious place, some things are better off unsaid:

“Oh, my brother went through the same exact thing once.”

“Honey, you’re still young. This won’t be the worst thing ever.”

And then there’s my most un-favorite:

“Remember, God won’t give you more than you can handle.”

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Why Mandalas Are So Popular in Adult Coloring Books

If you’ve thumbed through a stack of adult coloring books, you’ve probably seen the use of mandalas, a Sanskrit word for “sacred circle” that’s a circular form of art.

Surprised by how many adult coloring books featured mandalas and appear to be influenced by Eastern religions, I hired a researcher to help me better understand the history and meaning of mandalas.

I ask for your grace. I’m just beginning to wrap my head around all of this, but what I’m discovering so far just might surprise you: Continue Reading...

How Christian Adult Coloring Books Revolutionize Scripture Memory & Reduce Stress

Maybe Scripture memory comes easy for you.

I’ve always felt like a flunky. I’ve tried the printables, the 3X5 cards around the house and in the car, the screensavers, the audio recordings, and much more. I’m discovering coloring God’s Word is providing a much-needed breakthrough for me.

Does that surprise you?

One of the great benefits of Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book is that it makes Scripture memory easy and enjoyable.

The process of coloring the words and surrounding images provide times for you to say the words aloud, interact with the passages, journal and ultimately craft God’s Word into your heart through creative expression.

I love seeing how friends’ choose to color and shade various pictures and then discuss what they discovered about God and themselves through the passage. Plus, it’s fun.

But Christian adult coloring books may be having a more profound impact than we realize. Consider this: Continue Reading...