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Why Did God Allow Jesus to be Tempted?

Do you ever come across a verse, passage, or parable and say to yourself:

What in the world does that mean?

I don’t understand what Jesus is saying in that passage.

Why would they respond that way?

Is that still true today?

You’re not alone.

Every week during the #LentChallenge, we’re asking New Testament scholar, Dr. Craig Blomberg to weigh in on your questions—even the trickiest, strangest, and most random. Check out his answers to 5 difficult Bible questions and leave yours as a comment below:

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When Singing “Let It Go” Is Far Easier Than Doing It

Some days I feel like I live Frozen.

Frozen in time.

Frozen in relationships.

Frozen in boiling emotions.

Frozen in confusion.

Frozen in between the spiritual place I reside and the latitude and longitude I long to be.

Maybe you know about the winter less-than-wonderland of the soul. Continue Reading...

How to Decode the Parables, Enigmas, and Mysteries of God

I don’t understand.

This doesn’t make sense.

I’m so confused.

What the what?

Life sometimes seems like an enigma wrapped in a riddle, stuffed inside a cryptogram and sealed with another riddle.

Why was that allowed? What are you trying to say? What’s going on here? Why does none of this make sense? 

No wonder so many of us find ourselves perplexed. In the kingdom of God, down is the new up and two plus two rarely equal four.

Perhaps it’s confusion, doubt, uncertainty or curiosity, but something drives the disciples to ask the question all of wonder deep down inside: Continue Reading...

What to Do When You Wake Up A Ghost of Your Former Self

You must lose yourself to find your true self.

This is the holy path of the downward ascent. Continue Reading...

The Color Method

Don’t be tricked by the rainbow collection of pens. These tools are drills and dredge machinery for mining the first two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew.

Most of the colors are brighter than the soot you’ll see on foreheads today, but they are the tools I’m using during the 6 weeks leading up to Easter to create more whitespace for God. Continue Reading...