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Chase Oaks Church Wonderstruck

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Let’s take a walk and fall more in love with God through a Bible study this spring. Don’t worry, the trail isn’t steep or rocky—it’s accessible to all.

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Bet You Didn’t Know These 5 Facts about John’s Gospel

A couple of years ago, I fell in love with John’s poetic and captivating writing style. I poured over his gospel in preparation for the 6 session DVD Bible study, Pursuing God’s Beauty: Stories from the Gospel of John.

You know,

If you want theology, read Paul.

If you want ethics, read James.

But if you want love, read John. [Tweet this]

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How to Make 2014 a Year of Wonder

Wonderstruck is more than a book and Bible study—it's a way of living awake to the wonders of God all around.

The wonder of God, those moments of spiritual awakening that make you long for more of God, is woven throughout your life. [Tweet this]

It’s waiting in your friendships and family, your workplace and church, your extraordinary moments and in your mundane, in your joys and your tears. Wonder is found in the delicacy of a falling snowflake when we consider the One who made it and laughter of a child when we listen close.

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Let’s be honest. People who attend Bible studies have often been to more than one. Some have been to dozens. With all the books, studies, sermons, podcasts, and daily devotionals, it can be hard for any single Bible lesson to stick in people’s minds and hearts.

Yet there’s one easy and amazing way to lead a Bible study that no one will ever forget. Continue Reading...