This Method Made Me Love Bible Study Again

Have you ever struggled to study the Bible? I do.

My eyes glaze over. My mind wanders. My heart disconnects.

If you’ve ever read the Bible and wondered nine minutes later, “What did I just read?”

You. Are. Not. Alone.

I want to show you a method through a silly video that I’ve been using that’s helped the Bible come alive for me again.

The Color Method involves using colored pens, pencils, markers, or crayons to identify key words. I circle verbs in red, places in brown, people in purple, numbers in orange then this amazingness happens: read more…

 My Embarrassing Mistake—Did You Catch It?

On Wednesday, I made a big announcement about this summer’s Bible study. After prayer and reflection and outstanding feedback from you, I felt led to develop Overcomer: A 4-Week Study of Philippians.

Overcomer divides Philippians into 20 readings. Each one invites you to use The Color Method to study the Scripture alongside a devotional and 7 Reflection Questions for personal and small group study.

Our precious designer sent us the cover at 7:30pm on Tuesday night. Our team scrambled until midnight scheduling the announcement, posting sample pages, and loading the product into our store.

The announcement went out at 4am.

When I awoke at 6:52am, I knew something was wrong. We’d sold out of Beloved quick. Yet in the first three hours, not one person had placed one order for Overcomer.

That seemed like an odd silence to the big announcement. read more…

Summer Bible Study Announcement: Your Invitation to Be An Overcomer

A couple of millennia ago a tentmaker found himself in prison after stirring a public dispute. The longer he sat in the cell, the more he felt neglected and forgotten. Yet he managed to push through the darkness and depression to pen a series of letters.

Meanwhile, Roman emperor Nero lived with extreme wealth and power. He loved writing and became quite prolific.

Almost 2000 years later, none of his literary work remains.

Yet those letters from an imprisoned man named Paul haven been printed and read by hundreds of millions of people.

The Book of Philippians is written by an overcomer to a church of overcomers that teaches us how to be overcomers.

We were overwhelmed by the response to Beloved: 40 Days in the Gospel of John for Lent. Many of you have been asking, “What’s next?”

After much thought and prayer, I’m thrilled to announce the summer study will be: read more…

Little Known Ways to Build a Platform and Protect Your Soul

Over the last week an online conversation has emerged about platform building. Beth Moore calls us Christward when she writes:

This is what I know for certain. It would be unspeakably better for us to drop into obscurity than sell our souls. We may have to make the biggest sacrifice in our entire social media culture: we may have to settle for being unknown.”

Oh Beth. You are a gift to the body of Christ. Your grace, your humility. May we all continue to learn from you—in what you teach, in who you are, in how you live.

I wrestle with this issue every day—both for myself and for those I coach and mentor through the Write Brilliant Academy. read more…

Brand New Adult Coloring Book & Prayer Journal: Pocketful of Promises

God is with you. God is for you. God has not forgotten you.

Sometimes in the midst of difficult seasons, I forget. I lose any sense of God’s deep love. I lose sight of his abundant grace. And I let go of his promises.

Scripture reminds us that no matter what our situation, God is with us and for us. He promises to never leave us. He doesn’t misplace the blueprints for our lives or forget the whereabouts of our hope and future.  read more…

The Most Powerful Lesson I Learned During Lent

If only you were here. I’d greet you with a warm hug and three words:

He is risen.

Leif and I are still in pajamas. I’ll make you a latte or tea or pull that icy Coke out of the fridge for you.

You snuggle into our grey couch. We watch the sunrise. And chat about what these last 40 days have meant to us.

How they’ve… read more…

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