What’s Your Signature Spiritual Scent?

I fell in love with a perfume with a pricey label.

For many years, I could purchase the scent at outlets like Perfumeria and those fabulous discount malls.

Then the company stopped distributing the product to others.

That’s when I first ventured into the Tiffany store.

I picked out the bottle. Leif gifted it for our anniversary. Whenever he smells it, he says, “That smells like you, Beautiful.”

Perhaps you have a signature scent. A perfume you adore that carries memories of you from the past, into the present, and toward the future.

Today’s #LentChallenge reading of #Beloved asks us to inhale deep. read more…

What does spiritual blindness really cost you?

Today we dive into John 9 in #Beloved #LentChallenge.

The ninth chapter of John explores the issue of physical and spiritual blindness in the most beautiful and profound way.

Jesus sees a man who has been blind from birth, a man who was born different, with a disability, and marginalized because of it.

One can only imagine the disappointment and difficulties, the rejection and anger that he felt growing up.

The challenges he faced physically were only made worse by the cultural and religious beliefs of the day. read more…

7 Surprises in the Gospel of John

Let’s be honest.

Sometimes life happens. Schedules overflow. Sickness strikes. Busyness bombards.

Maybe you’ve fallen behind in reading John for the #LentChallenge.

No worries. Put down your pencils and simply start reading where you left off. Viola! You’re caught up. Now you can pull out your colored pencils and use the Color Method to underline and circle.

Remember that studying the Scripture is joy, not drudgery. So read. Catch up. Keep diving in.

And for today, I want to provide you with 7 Surprises in the Gospel of John to keep an eye on: read more…

You Stumped Me… Again

It’s always good to keep a world-renown, New Testament scholar up your sleeve.


Your good questions deserve great answers.

That’s why I’m leaning into my friend and New Testament professor, Craig Blomberg, to answer your tricky and tough questions about the Gospel of John. These are the first round of questions. read more…

What’s the Difference Between Dead and Living Water?

I’m drowning in love. I hope you are, too.

Ever since we took our first step into the The Gospel of Lent for the Beloved #LentChallenge, the waters of God’s love have been rising.

Inch by inch. Foot by foot. Day by day. Week by week.

Today, we find ourselves in John 7:1-39 at the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths. This harvest celebration falls almost six months before the Passover.

Josephus described it as the “greatest and holiest feast of the Jews.” The feast calls us to remember God’s faithfulness to the Israelites in the desert (Lev. 23:42-43).

Halfway through the feast (John 7:14), the religious leaders pepper Jesus with pointed questions, something that’s become SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) wherever Jesus goes.

The days pass until “the last and greatest day of the Feast” (John 7:37).

This linchpin detail gurgles with importance.

read more…

What to Do When You Doubt God

People who never doubt, never question scare me.


Doubt, second-guessing, and wrestling with God are part of my nature, part of me moving toward deeper understanding the nature of God.

Maybe you struggle in following Jesus, too. If so, we’re in good company. read more…

Ann Voskamp’s 3 Secrets to Writing

We’re deep into Lent. Today I’m sharing my reflections on my Facebook page LIVE—so you can see the joy on my face as we dive into today’s reading.

But I want to pause here to give you a Lent Bonus—wisdom from a modern writer, who like the writer Gospel of John, stirs my holy imagination.

read more…

How to Overcome Jealousy

When was the last time you opened your Facebook or Instagram feed and felt a pinch of envy?

Or drove by the gates of that fancy neighborhood and thought, “Must be nice to live there.”

Or looked at someone and felt annoyed they always seem to have the perfect life.

Sometimes it can seem like everyone else has… read more…

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