The Truth About Soul Talk

Confession: I talk to myself.

My hunch is that you do, too.

Sure, the mumbling when we can’t find our car keys.

But I’m talking about something deeper—the words you’re really saying to yourself.

Today, I want to introduce you to an amazing friend and Bible teacher, Jennifer Rothschild. read more…

Little Known Ways to Be of Good Cheer

The Gospel of John is written that you and I might believe.

Not cross our fingers

Not wish on a star.

Not dream about.



John the Baptist called us to believe (John 1:7).

Jesus called us to believe through his signs and miracles. Some believed, others not. (John 2:11, 4:53, 9:37, 11:45-46, and the unforgettable 6:66).

As we tuck ourselves in the upper room, Jesus instructs:

Believe in God, believe in me (14:1).

If you want to know God, know Christ. If you want to believe in God, believe in Christ.

As we dive into today’s reading #LentChallenge Beloved in John 16:1-15, we discover… read more…

How Anna LeBaron Broke Free from a Polygamist Cult

Searching for a gripping story? Look no further than Anna LeBaron. She was one of more than four dozen children of the infamous polygamist cult leader, Ervil LeBaron. (Yes, his first name looks suspiciously evil).

As a young girl, Anna endured horrific living conditions, child labor, and sexual grooming. She managed to escape, and now she’s ready to tell her story in The Polygamist’s Daughter (Tyndale House), a new release.

During the Lent Challenge, we’ve been rediscovering the power of Scripture. Turns out that’s what helped set Anna free.

Here’s a glimpse of Anna’s beautiful story. It’s a privilege to have her guest post:

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Here is a Method That is Helping Me Relinquish Control

Cancer is a brutal path. For me, every step of treatment involved unspeakable suffering.

The long-term damage to my body, the chronic pain. I don’t have words. One day I will. But for now, I’m still taking it one day at a time.

But today, I want to introduce you to a friend who brings me great joy and companionship, Michele Cushatt.

You may have heard her voice, her story as co-host of Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life podcast or a speaker at many large conferences. She, too, has fought a brutal battle with cancer, and learned much about what it means to relinquish control.

Her discoveries aren’t just true when it comes to health, but work and live and parenting.

As we dive into the #LentChallenge of #Beloved in John 12:12-50 for today’s reading, allow Michelle’s words and insights to wash over you.

Here’s Michelle: read more…

What’s Your Signature Spiritual Scent?

I fell in love with a perfume with a pricey label.

For many years, I could purchase the scent at outlets like Perfumeria and those fabulous discount malls.

Then the company stopped distributing the product to others.

That’s when I first ventured into the Tiffany store.

I picked out the bottle. Leif gifted it for our anniversary. Whenever he smells it, he says, “That smells like you, Beautiful.”

Perhaps you have a signature scent. A perfume you adore that carries memories of you from the past, into the present, and toward the future.

Today’s #LentChallenge reading of #Beloved asks us to inhale deep. read more…

What does spiritual blindness really cost you?

Today we dive into John 9 in #Beloved #LentChallenge.

The ninth chapter of John explores the issue of physical and spiritual blindness in the most beautiful and profound way.

Jesus sees a man who has been blind from birth, a man who was born different, with a disability, and marginalized because of it.

One can only imagine the disappointment and difficulties, the rejection and anger that he felt growing up.

The challenges he faced physically were only made worse by the cultural and religious beliefs of the day. read more…

7 Surprises in the Gospel of John

Let’s be honest.

Sometimes life happens. Schedules overflow. Sickness strikes. Busyness bombards.

Maybe you’ve fallen behind in reading John for the #LentChallenge.

No worries. Put down your pencils and simply start reading where you left off. Viola! You’re caught up. Now you can pull out your colored pencils and use the Color Method to underline and circle.

Remember that studying the Scripture is joy, not drudgery. So read. Catch up. Keep diving in.

And for today, I want to provide you with 7 Surprises in the Gospel of John to keep an eye on: read more…

You Stumped Me… Again

It’s always good to keep a world-renown, New Testament scholar up your sleeve.


Your good questions deserve great answers.

That’s why I’m leaning into my friend and New Testament professor, Craig Blomberg, to answer your tricky and tough questions about the Gospel of John. These are the first round of questions. read more…

What’s the Difference Between Dead and Living Water?

I’m drowning in love. I hope you are, too.

Ever since we took our first step into the The Gospel of Lent for the Beloved #LentChallenge, the waters of God’s love have been rising.

Inch by inch. Foot by foot. Day by day. Week by week.

Today, we find ourselves in John 7:1-39 at the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths. This harvest celebration falls almost six months before the Passover.

Josephus described it as the “greatest and holiest feast of the Jews.” The feast calls us to remember God’s faithfulness to the Israelites in the desert (Lev. 23:42-43).

Halfway through the feast (John 7:14), the religious leaders pepper Jesus with pointed questions, something that’s become SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) wherever Jesus goes.

The days pass until “the last and greatest day of the Feast” (John 7:37).

This linchpin detail gurgles with importance.

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