FREE DOWNLOAD—How to Tell Your Testimony


Have you ever been asked to share your story and wondered what to say?

Or maybe you’re the one in the audience listening.

Those insignificant details caused you to lose interest. Perhaps the person rambled. Lacked clarity. Never provided an aha moment.

Sharing our stories is scary. But it doesn’t have to be.

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4 Words to Overcome Fear

A recent study by Chapman University revealed Americans wrestle with more fears than you might expect. Top concerns include crime, talking to strangers, romantic rejection, terrorism, natural disasters, public speaking, dying, and going bankrupt.

Oh, and I almost forgot: clowns. Nearly seven percent of us experience angst around make-up wearing entertainers.

Did you resonate with an item on that list? I do.

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What’s Your One Word for 2017? (Free Download)

Maybe you’re in a season of abundance. You have favor and delight and more opportunities than you know what to do.

Maybe you’re in a season of grace. You’re learning your limitations, discovering weaknesses, and awakening to God’s provision in the midst.

Maybe you’re in a season of adversity. Your marriage or finances or health or job is relationships are crumbling.

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I Need YOUR Advice

I hope you had a joyful Christmas. Can you believe the New Year is almost here? That was fast.

I’ve been praying hard about 2017. Maybe you, like me, share some of same emotions… the hope… the hesitancy…the expectancy… the questions of what will come.

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