What to Do When Procrastination Gets the Best of You

Margaret —  March 26, 2014 — 11 Comments

What to Do When Procrastination Gets the Best of You

Dear #LentChallenge Friends,

We had no idea so many people would want to join us for this #LentChallenge—reading the entire New Testament in 40 days. More than 40,000 people from around the world have joined us. We’ve seen fun photos, insights, comments, blogs, and more appearing throughout the web.

But let’s be honest. It’s easy to fall behind in bible reading. I know I’ve slipped a day (or more).

But that doesn’t mean you should quit.
That doesn’t mean you should give up.

That means it’s time to buckle down and get ready because Resurrection Day, Easter, is coming!

What to Do When Procrastination Gets the Best of You

Photo from @TheAdjustmentDept on Instagram

No matter how many days you’re behind—whether 3 or 17—keep reading! Keep crossing off the boxes and diving into Scripture. I double dog dare you to continue pursuing God in his Word. Like rifling through a treasure box, gems are waiting to be uncovered. God has something big in store for you and for me during this Lenten season.

Here are 5 secrets to catch up on Bible reading: 

1. Go Audio.

Even if you didn’t start with an audio version of the Bible, turn on the audio Bible in the car during your daily commute. Even 30 minutes of drive-time will get you through an entire day’s worth of reading. Add that on top of what you’re already reading and… viola! You’ll be caught up in no time. Click here to learn how to download the audio Bible for free.

LentChallenge with Ed Choy's son

Photo from Ed Choy

2. Dive in on Sunday.

Each Sunday during the #LentChallenge, you have a day off of assigned reading to rest, play, or catch up. When you get behind during the #LentChallenge, commit to reading extra chapters on Sundays. It’s a great day to pull away and make time to dive into God’s Word.

3. Add a Second Reading Time.

Instead of just reading once per day, consider carving out 30 minutes as soon as you wake up and 30 minutes right before you go to bed. This may mean you need to set a few alarms throughout your day as reminders. It’s been helpful to find a reading spot that has little to no interruptions (which means my cell phone has to be out of arms’ reach).

LentChallenge on YouVersion

4. Pinch Your Bible.

Maybe you’ve been reading the Bible on the YouVersion app. Maybe you’ve been listening to an audio Bible. Or maybe you’ve been using an old-fashioned print Bible. Whatever type of Bible you’re using, I’d like to challenge you to go pick up a print Bible and open it to however far you’ve read. Now pinch the page from the beginning of Matthew to where you are today.

What to Do When Procrastination Gets the Best of You

Do you see how far you’ve come?

Even if you’re a behind according to the reading plan, look at how much of the New Testament you've covered since the beginning of Lent. In case no one has told you yet, you’re rocking it!

5. Be Inspired.

Friends are posting incredible insights and thoughts as they’re reading through the Scripture this spring. You’re not going to want to miss the thoughts from…

When it comes to the #LentChallenge—Keep on keeping on. You can do this!

Lent ChallengeYou’ve read this much of the Bible already this Lent. You’re doing great. Don’t stop. This spring is a great time to read through the New Testament. God has big things for you waiting in Scripture.

You’ve got this! Rooting for you like crazy!

Much love,


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11 responses to What to Do When Procrastination Gets the Best of You

  1. Margaret, great post, thank you! And thanks for using the pic from my post that kicked off the #LentChallenge, http://www.edchoy.com/2014/03/05/lentchallenge-begins-today-dont-miss/. You’re a great encouragement.

  2. When I decided to take on the Lent Challenge, I didn’t have a local friend to do it with. But, God is amazingly faithful, and through conversation with a new friend about Lent, she had heard of the Challenge and was planning to do it! From the beginning, we have been inboxing each other daily on FB with our musings and encouragement to keep going! I am learning from her wisdom and God is revealing many new things to me through consistently being in His Word. Just stopping by to say, “LOVE IT”! Thanks for following God’s prompt and asking us to join along.

  3. Thanks for this. It’s CRAZY timely for me! But I’m really enjoying the journey!

  4. Double Dog Dare Lent Challenge Rap:

    I double dog, double dog, dare you keep crackin’
    Open the Word of God and sendin’ Satan Packin.

    It doesn’t matter if your 2 days or 15 days behind,
    Keep on reading you’ll catch up in time.

    From the begats in Matthew 1 to the life of John the Baptist,
    He told His disciples, now go and be my witnessess.

    He is the Vine and that is true,
    Apart from Him we can bear no fruit

    The Pharisees questioned why He healed on the Sabbath,
    Didn’t they have more important questions to ask?

    Annanias and Saphira sold a piece of their land,
    Lied about the prophets and died in their sin.

    On Mount of Olives where Jesus prayed,
    He asked His disciples why can’t you stay awake
    The time has come, they’re gonna take me away.
    But I”m gonna be comin up from the tomb on the third day!

    So keep on reading and flippin’ those pages,
    God’s Word is relevant for people of all ages!

    Written by:
    Alicia Roark..aka Alicia “Big Time on Fire for Jesus” ROark

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