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If you’ve been inside a Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, or Barnes & Noble store recently, you probably noticed the entire sections wallpapered with adult coloring books.

We dove into the wonder of rest this week during the online Summer Bible Study at (It’s not too late to join us! Learn how to jump in, here). And one of the newest ways I’ve engaged in rest is through coloring.

Coloring books for grown-ups are all the rage. Here’s why:

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The hardest quiz you'll take this week. Don't miss out on our Summer Bible study, Wonderstruck!

Let’s check in with a little quiz. Don’t worry. You won’t be graded and you don’t have to publish your responses on Facebook.

Place a mental check by the following that are true for you:

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How to Cling to God When Everything Falls Apart

For years I avoided the book of Job.

No one wants to be a close acquaintance with that guy. Maybe, like me, you aim to shy away from the stories of loss and pain, in hopes it’s not contagious.

Job loses all of his children when a mighty wind collapses the house of his oldest child while all of his children are gathered. All Job’s children die. Soon after, Job loses his sheep and servants to a fire. Bandits steal Job’s remaining livestock.

Despite the tremendous loss and pain, the trials for Job have just begun. His wife betrays him—instructing him to curse God and die. Calamities continue. Job’s body breaks out in boils. Sitting in ashes, Job resorts to scraping his skin with pottery shards to alleviate the pain.

Job’s life shatters into a million pieces. His livelihood. His home. His family. His marriage.

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Two Words You Don't Want To Hear Today

Last week, I told you about the prayer that changed my life.

“God, astound me with your wonder. I want to know you as wonderful.”

Through this bold prayer, God met us in the most unexpected ways and revealed to us a little bit more about one of his greatest wonders of all—the wonder of himself.

We began to see God as a God full of wonder. A God whose presence and work takes our breath away, leaving us in awe and astonishment of who he is.

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ws week 2

Leif and I began a little practice that transformed our marriage and our relationship with God.

After years of following Jesus, participating in Bible studies, attending our local church, studying Scripture, we found ourselves burnt out on both ends. Every spiritual discipline we tried became something to check off our to-dos, nothing that transformed our hearts. Our prayers felt flat. We skipped church on Sundays more than I’d like to admit. Giving wasn’t a priority. Our spiritual lives lacked depth and vibrancy.

We longed for God.

And so we practiced something that some may consider downright silly.

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