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One evening, I grabbed a bite to eat with my friend, Naomi. She shared the details of a complex conflict between her and a co-worker. The key to resolving to the disagreement was recognizing that she was operating out of an area of insecurity that had haunted her since childhood. With this realization, she renewed her efforts to work hard and well with the co-worker. The irritant in the relationship disappeared.

“That’s one of those cases of learning to live loved,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Living as if we’re loved by God instead of responding out of the usual petty jealousies, insecurities, fears, or annoyances that try to get the best of us.”

“Live loved,” the syllables somersaulting off my lips. “I like that.”

The phrase followed me home. The words didn’t just capture the heart of the greatest commands to love God and others, but struck me as a crucial, even foundational for abounding in joy.

Apart from love, our potential for experiencing joy remains flat like a lifeless balloon. Love exhales the fullness of joy.

I began to pray: Lord, how do you want me to live today in light of your love?

That’s why I’ve created the Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book. Within these pages, you’ll find hand-selected Scriptures that speak to God’s love for you and how His love is meant to flow through you to others.

Coloring Book 3

The Live Loved: Adult Coloring Book provides an opportunity for you to:

  • Spend time praying and reflecting to grow in your relationship with God
  • Commit Bible passages to memory to deepen your faith
  • Marinate in the truth of God’s fierce love for you and experience transformation
  • Express your love for God and the Bible through creativity
  • Strengthen relationships as you invite others to create alongside you
  • Share your artistry with others as you show off your work



Our team has been working to make this coloring book a reality. Today, I’m thrilled to announce Live Loved: Adult Coloring Books are now available in our store.

Playing with color & paint is fun for grown-ups, too. My hope and prayer is that, this book will help you unleash the creative talents God has given you. Color and sketch, whisper the words aloud, commit them to memory, and learn how to live loved in a tangible way.


You can live loved starting today.

What is your favorite verse that speaks of God's love for you?


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Let me introduce you to my friend, Julie. Julie Pierce has one crazy dream: to empower leaders to change the world. She does this through coaching, consulting teams, and speaking around the country. Author of Play, Team, Play!, she lives in the Dallas area with her family. Julie is a dear friend and Writers Boot Camp graduate.

This One Thing Will Destroy Your Team

by Julie Pierce

I reported to a stranger.

Every Monday morning, my boss and I met to dissect my team’s latest marketing plan. His cut-to-the-chase tone and mannerisms made it clear to me he didn’t care to know me as a person, only the details of our projects. These meetings left me feeling like a commodity rather than a contributor, a producer rather than a person.

A few hours later, I’d walk into a meeting with those who reported to me. The transition was like an unexpected ice bucket challenge: a shock to the system.

I knew my team. I sympathized with the financial pressure Frank felt as he pursued a master’s degree. I appreciated Nicki’s ability to silence a crowd with her chimpanzee call. And I understood Cara’s nervousness about pregnancy and Charlie’s nerves about proposing.

In turn, my team knew me. They recognized the “tell” of my tiredness—that’s when my Texas twang drawled every word out for days. They could read the stress on my face and the sparkle in my eyes.

The stark contrast between these two meetings highlighted a deeper truth:

Working for a stranger isolates and demotivates.

Working with a connected team includes and energizes.

Frank, Nicki, Cara, Charlie and I had moved from having a cursory knowledge of cubemates to becoming a knowing community of teammates. Because we knew each other beyond our titles and alma maters, we were motivated to help each other succeed. We wanted to see each other’s strengths shine.

Leader friend, are you leading a group of strangers or an energized, connected team? If you want to lead a dynamic, effective team, try these 3 steps for eliminating the strangers and cultivating team community: Continue Reading...