The #LentChallenge asks you to read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in preparation for Easter. To drink in the fullness of the story of Jesus, to immerse yourself in His teaching, miracles, arrest and resurrection.

But the challenge is to not read the familiar, but ask God to awaken you to the unfamiliar.

What are the things you least want to read but most need to hear?

Questions have poured in from around the globe for this week’s reading. Download a free guide here:

People Wondering…

Has the Unforgiveable Sin Gotten the Best of Me?
Why Won’t God Answer My Prayers?
Will I Ever Be Holy Enough?
Why Does Jesus Tell His Followers to Keep Secrets?

And many more.

We asked our friend, New Testament Bible Scholar, Dr. Craig Blomberg, to weigh in your questions.

Read on. This scholar has a lot to teach us all.

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What is Disobedience Really Costing You?

We experience moments when The Holy nudges us to do something or leave something undone.

Yet we resist. By…

Ignoring the prod to pick up the phone and apologize.

Resisting the urge to give.

Uttering the unkind word though we know we should keep silent.

Breaking the confidence we promised to keep.

The Holy prompts us toward that which rings with righteousness, that which illuminates us as children of God.

The feeling often comes on strong like a gushing wind lunging forward from within. But if we resist, the gust reduces to a breeze then stills to a calm. We miss the moment.

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How to Live as a Rich Christian in a World of Poverty

As Spiderman’s uncle reminds us, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

If you are able to access this post, you rank among the most wealthy and free on the planet.

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Why Did God Allow Jesus to be Tempted?

Do you ever come across a verse, passage, or parable and say to yourself:

What in the world does that mean?

I don’t understand what Jesus is saying in that passage.

Why would they respond that way?

Is that still true today?

You’re not alone.

Every week during the #LentChallenge, we’re asking New Testament scholar, Dr. Craig Blomberg to weigh in on your questions—even the trickiest, strangest, and most random. Check out his answers to 5 difficult Bible questions and leave yours as a comment below:

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When Singing “Let It Go” Is Far Easier Than Doing It

Some days I feel like I live Frozen.

Frozen in time.

Frozen in relationships.

Frozen in boiling emotions.

Frozen in confusion.

Frozen in between the spiritual place I reside and the latitude and longitude I long to be.

Maybe you know about the winter less-than-wonderland of the soul. Continue Reading...