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Why You’re Not Experiencing More Joy

Do you ever feel like joy is just out of reach?

Me, too.

That’s why I spent more than a year diving into the more than 400 references to joy, happiness, merriment, delight, pleasure, dancing, rejoicing and more throughout the Scripture. I discovered joy is so much more than anyone taught me. Joy is a spectrum of emotions, responses, and reactions. Sometimes you feel like a joy; sometimes you don’t. But you can always act in joy even when your emotions shout otherwise.

In Fight Back With Joy book and Bible study, I explore how more than whimsy joy is the weapon we use to fight life’s battles. In the reading for Day 31 of the #LentChallenge, (download the free reading guide here), we discover Jesus poking holes in the darkness as He fights back with joy in the most unsuspecting ways.  Continue Reading...

The Toughest Question You’ll Ever Have to Answer

Throughout the Bible, humans inundate God with questions.

Why? Why? Why?

How long?

How much longer?

Where have you gone?

Yet God also has tough questions of His own.

Who told you that you were naked?

Who do you say I am?

Who touched me?

Perhaps the toughest of all the questions God ever asks is… Continue Reading...

Have You Been Visited By Angels?

Have you ever had an experience that makes you wonder:

Did I just encounter an angel?

One spring during college I studied abroad in Spain. My flight was delayed more than a dozen hours. The person who gave me directions sent me to the wrong train station. I walked through Madrid with all my bags, boots cutting into my heels, exhausted. My efforts at Spanish failed at every turn.

I sat on the edge of a fountain spent and confused. Tugging off a boot, I looked at my blood stained sock.

God, I prayed, I need help.

At that moment, a woman sat next to me on the fountain’s edge and spoke near perfect English. She took me to her home, fed me lunch, drove me to the proper station, and sent me on my way.

Her name was Maria.

Sometimes I secretly wonder if she was an angel. Continue Reading...

Confession: Why I’m a Big Chicken and I Think You Should Be, Too

I reside in a zoo.

Whenever I hike through the rugged mountains of Colorado, I stay on high alert for mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and bears, oh my. More common sightings include deer, elk, wolves, 1,000 geese, 10,000 rabbits…

And those quick-witted foxes.

Foxes are crafty and cunning, sneaky and shrewd. They have a penchant for anything shiny. Be warned: These savvy thieves will carry your treasures away.

Many years ago, my mom left a family heirloom on our downstairs deck. By morning, the silver bowl had vanished. A determined woman, she spent the following three days searching the surrounding neighborhood and woods. Nestled in a gulley, she found the foxes’ den—where her silver bowl along with a long lost jacket had been vaulted away.

In today’s reading, Day 25 of the #LentChallenge, (to download a free copy click here), we discover Jesus refused to every let any fox—including Herod—get the best of him.

But the way He outsmarted, outwitted, and outplayed that fox makes no earthly sense. Continue Reading...

Can Demons Teach Us About Jesus?

Jesus tours towns and villages, along with his posse, heralding the blistering good news of the kingdom of God. Crowds press from every direction, sad there’s no ability to take selfies.

Yet Jesus cloaks his teaching in mystery.

He tells stories through parables—cartoons of the absurd, tales of enigma, riddles of old to unveil the kingdom of God.

Jesus tells a parable of a farmer scattering seed. At the time the story was told, plowing followed the sowing of the seed. Ponder that for a moment.

But perhaps there’s something more. Continue Reading...