Why Breast Cancer Patients Hate October

The young mom coos at her six-month-old child as she reaches to rub noses with her baby girl. The child releases a gleeful sound of delight. The love between the two wafts across the room. I inhale deeply. Then remember where I am.

This isn’t just any room.

This is the breast cancer waiting room.

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Top 10 Ideas for Pastor Appreciate Month

Your pastors work so hard.

If you’re tempted to think that most of the hours they’re on the clock are Saturdays or Sundays, consider how many hours they spend organizing, counseling, leading, administrating, planning, and preparing.

It’s not uncommon for pastors to log 50, 60, or 70 hours more in a week. Some do this through being bi-vocational.

October is Pastor’s Appreciation Month. This is the time of year to go beyond saying, “Nice sermon,” or “Thanks for being there.” This is the month when you can go out of your way to pour into them through thoughtful gifts and meaningful expressions.

Here are 10 ideas for how to appreciate your pastor and church staff:  

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The Best Treasure Hunt Ever (And The Key You’ll Need to Find It)

Back in the 1980’s some people became convinced the tension between the U.S.S.R. and the United States would lead to WWIII and nuclear disaster.

My parents were among them.

So were my husband, Leif’s parents.

Both responded by burying treasures in the yard. They dug holes and buried Bibles, food, and silver coins. My parents even built a bomb shelter. We canned corn. We dug a well. We lived a crazy awesome life (and I share the hilarious details in The Organic God).

Years passed. The Cold War ended.

But my beloved Mom couldn’t find her precious silver coins. Her treasure map wasn’t detailed enough. Our front lawn looked like a scene from gophers gone wild.

Holes everywhere.

I’m not sure she ever found those silver coins. Maybe some day someone in the mountains of North Carolina will stumble on them and enjoy a great afternoon at an arcade.

This giggly memory reminds me of a more contemporary treasure hunt that’s going on between God and us.

This hunt begins with the words, “Search me and know my heart.”

When we whisper, write, or color those words, do we realize the-strap-on-your-helmet-buckle-up words what we’re saying? Continue Reading...

Top 7 Reasons to Love MOMcon

Margaret —  September 25, 2015 — 1 Comment

Top 7 Reasons to Love MOMcon

I attend lots of conferences. It’s my day job. Few are as delightful, rich and fun as MOMcon. The sold-out gathering of more than 3000 in Indianapolis took my breath way.

When I started posting about MOPS and MOMcon, people kept asking, “What’s a MOP?” and “What’s MOMcon?”

Fair questions. Mothers of Preschoolers hosts an annual International Leadership Conference that offers practical training and inspiring teaching to encourage and raise up a new generation of leaders.

When you gather 3000 moms—who are ready to laugh hard, chat until 4am, and celebrate they have time to take a shower and wash their hair—they become the rowdies in all the best ways.

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5 Reasons Christian Adult Coloring Books Are Popular

My 3-year-old friend, Emory, often asks her mom, “What does this mean?” when they color together. Her mom, Meagan, explains, “This verse means God loves you very, very much.”

Moms and dads spending time with kids.

Grandparents coloring with grandchildren.

Teenagers creating their own artwork.

Christian schools stocking their classrooms.

Bible studies enjoying creativity together.

Coloring is like working on a puzzle together in that it provides an activity that fosters conversation and connection. Rather than talking about cartoon characters, through the Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book families and friends reflect on Scripture. Teenagers are committing passages to memory.

We’re overwhelmed by the response to the Live Loved Christian Coloring Book. Why are coloring books all the rage right now? Here are five reasons: Continue Reading...