Who is Fight Back With Joy Written For?

Fight Back With Joy is written for…. 

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7 Ways to Live Wonderstruck Today!

I long to live wonderstruck.

It’s a posture. A choice. An attitude of living with holy night vision goggles. Searching under every branch, in every nook and cranny for the wonders of our great God.

Because when we live wonderstruck, we live with divine expectation that God longs to meet us today—smack dab where we are—with his goodness, grace, mercy, and love.

How does that sound? Will you join me and choose to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK starting today?

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These Four Words Will Set You Free. Find out more!

A couple of years ago, I noticed the need for encouraging cards for those facing long-time illnesses—for those occasions when you just don’t know what to say. The wah-wah, platitude cards available at Target and Hallmark just weren’t cutting it.

After much prodding from sweet friends who wanted any ideas on what to say, I gathered a few of the most life-giving, do-no-harm words I had received. I put together a set of 6 bright and colorful What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say Greeting Cards.

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What's REALLY holding you back?  Find out here.

Sometimes I don’t think we realize the power of forgiveness and unforgiveness—in our lives, in the lives of others, and in our world.

One of my heroes is Corrie Ten Boom, author of The Hiding Place. In gripping terms, she describes the extreme abuses inflicted on her and other inmates in Nazi concentration camps during World War II as well as her personal journey after the war.

Sometime after Corrie was released, she began traveling through Europe speaking about the power of God’s forgiveness and love. After she taught in a church in Munich, a man approached her.

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Does this person like me for who I am? or what I do? or who I know? or how I can help?

These are some of the hardest questions any of us will ever navigate. Yet we chart course through these uncertain waters everyday.

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