How To Recognize You’re on Sacred Ground

Last night one of my closest friends texted me a photo of her mom clutching her father’s withered body the mouth taking the famed “O” that often accompanies death.

“My mom is heartbroken,” she texted. “Funeral is Friday.”

The message left me breathless. My friend had captured one of the most sacred moments of life—the passing of a family member—on her iPhone and passed it on without second thought for grandfather or her mom.

“Don't share this image with anyone,” I texted back, fearful she would post it on Facebook or Instagram.

“This is a holy moment meant only for those closest, those present.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Maybe I should have texted back, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Nothing more.

But one of the high costs of living in the age of oversharing and TMI (too much information) is: Continue Reading...

What to Do When You’ve Done the Unspeakable

I was furious with Leif last week. Continue Reading...

Follow Joy Wherever It Leads

Margaret —  January 23, 2015 — 43 Comments

Let me introduce you to my sweet friend and fellow JOY warrior, Liz. Liz Curtis Higgs has one goal: to help women embrace the grace of God with joy and abandon. She’s the author of more than 30 books with 4.5 million copies in print, including Bad Girls of the Bible and The Girl’s Still Got It. She blogs weekly at

Follow Joy Wherever It Leads

by Liz Curtis Higgs

I’ve never watched someone shrink before. That’s what my precious mother-in-law has been doing since her cancer diagnosis. Not only is her body growing smaller, thinner, more fragile; her world is shrinking too.

Going out less and staying in more. Laying aside books that take too much energy to read. Turning off the television because none of it matters. Swallowing pills that ease her pain, but muddle her mind.

To be honest? Over the last few visits, I’ve run out of words to say.

Maybe that’s a good thing, because I worry about saying the right thing.

Then my feisty friend, Margaret Feinberg, writes, “When life begins to shrink, opportunities for joy are magnified.”

This isn’t some platitude that Margaret found bouncing around the Internet. This is a battle-tested principle she has forged and refined until it bears the shining gleam of truth.

So, could I do it? Could I find a way to infuse joy into a heartbreaking situation? Continue Reading...

When Does Lent 2015 Begin? The 40 Most Transformative Days of the Year

Do you really want to grow? Do you really want to change? Do you really want to experience the transformative presence of God in your life? If so…

February 18, 2015 will change everything for you.

This is the kick off of Lent—a holy season on the church calendar in which we set apart to pursue God with wholehearted abandon. Lent is the 40 days before Easter (not including Sundays) set apart for prayer, penitence, and self-denial. This is a time designed to stir your hunger for God and lean in to hear His voice more clearly. This is a season of both repentance and the renewal of faith.

In past years for Lent, I’ve engaged in some unusual spiritual disciplines. One year, I quit prayer. Another, I waved goodbye to contempt. Two years ago, more than 10,000 people joined me in a fast, furious journey through the entire Bible in 40 days. Last year, more than 50,000 people joined in reading through the New Testament. Continue Reading...

Let me introduce you to my friend, Cherie. Cherie Lowe is an author, speaker and hope bringer. Her book Slaying the Debt Dragon details her family’s quest to eliminate over $127K in debt in just under four years. As her alter ego the Queen of Free, Cherie provides offbeat money saving tips and debt slaying inspiration on a daily basis.

Why God Doesn't Care About Your Debt

by Cherie Lowe

I was sitting in the back left corner of the worship gathering at our church.

In a place where I knew I was loved.

In a place where I experienced grace.

In a place where I was certain I heard God’s voice.

Running my fingers along the grooves of the purple upholstered chairs, I recounted my own mistakes and fears. They were more numerous than the dollars that we owed and left me feeling glued to my seat, not wanting to go anywhere, not really listening to the message of Hope being spoken over my life.

When my husband Brian totaled our debt just days before, I could barely believe my eyes. Over $127K emblazoned at the top of that legal notepad. All of those months, I sent in payments–the minimums of course. All of those months, I bought the groceries and made sure our daughter had shoes that fit. All of those months, I had never stopped to count the total cost.

What were we going to do now? Continue Reading...