21 Days of Wonder: Stillness

Margaret —  January 24, 2013 — 9 Comments

21 Days of Wonder STILLNESS

Wonders await in the stillness. Depending on the weather where you are, prepare a cup of hot peppermint tea or pour a glass of sweet tea. Fill a mug with dark hot chocolate and marshmallows or open a can of Cheerwine—whatever your favorite beverage may be.

Then find a quiet room, a comfortable chair, and sit still for twenty minutes. Your only movement should be nestling into the chair and occasionally sipping your beverage.

Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment—aware of your hands, your feet, your spine, every aspect of your body’s position.

In this place of pausing, talk to God. Tell him what’s really on your heart and mind. Share with him things you’ve been afraid to say aloud. Give yourself wholly and fully to God in prayer and experience the wonder.

Wonder Challenge: Tweet, post, pin, or proclaim something about God that you’re truly grateful for.

Example: I’m thankful for God’s unconditional love. Because of God’s love I can’t help but #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK.

Bonus: If you're looking for more stillness in your life, one way is to pre-prepare meals, as I share in Wonderstruck.

Here is the recipe for Leif's Almost-World-Famous Green Chile Chicken. In the stillness, enjoy this scent wafting in your kitchen.

  • 4 trimmed chicken breasts (no excess fat)
  • 1 diced medium onion
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 4 tbsp taco seasoning
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 4 cups of chicken broth
  • 1 27 ounce can of whole green chiles

Place the first six ingredients in the slow cooker and cook on high for four hours or more. With a slotted spoon remove chicken and onion mixture and place in a container. Discard the bay leaf and all cooking liquid. Place entire can of green chiles including liquid into a blender and puree. Pour green chile puree into slow cooker. Add chicken and onions back in. Heat for 20 minutes or until warm. Shred chicken using two forks while in the slow cooker. Serve with heated corn tortillas, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cilantro, and lime.

Tomorrow: DREAM

Wonder is meant to be shared, so we’ve discounted Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God so you can order your very own copy and some to pass along to friends, too. Share the Wonder! http://mar.cta.gs/04w


It's not too late to join the fun! Join us during the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge and awaken to the wonders of God all around. Learn more, here.

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9 responses to 21 Days of Wonder: Stillness

  1. I have a chair in my room…next to a window…morning coffee and sitting quiet…oh such a gift of communion. I am so thankful for His unfailing Love.

    I am going to try this meal…sounds wonderful…I love cock pot cooking. blessings~

  2. Always love new crock pot recipes! Thanks. This is one reason I get up early…to enjoy the stillness. God seems to speak loudest to me first thing in the morning. Thankful today that the things we see as inconveniences are the same things He is using to transform us and bring us more dependent on Him.

    • Even typing up Leif’s recipe had my mouth watering. I need to request he makes that again soon! Can’t wait to hear what you think, Eileen!

  3. Without my morning stillness with Him the day would not be the same. So fortunate to have time to spend in the Word, in Prayer and in Stillness. I write about this all the time. Here is a recent one with a link back to “Quiet”. http://www.janiscox.com/the-stillness-of-sunday-2/
    I’m thankful for God’s unconditional love. Because of God’s love I can’t help but #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK.

  4. Stillness? Around this house? I don think so 🙂 He is still there though..


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