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A Divine Masquerade: The Beauty Behind the Mask

Confession: Masks sometimes scare me. Though the artistic flair of a masquerade half mask can be spectacular, full masks make me uncomfortable. Not only is there mystery in whom I'm talking to, but they are too reminiscent of clown makeup for my liking.

The worst part is that sometimes I wear them myself-without even realizing it. Continue Reading...

The Beginning of Lent: Why I'm Giving Up Contempt This Year

Dear Friends,

Over the last few years, I've fallen in love with Lent. The opportunity to set apart time specifically to seek God for forty days and grow in my relationship with Him in the weeks preceding Easter has become like a balm to my soul-providing healing, comfort, all the while removing places of brokenness and disconnect from God.

One of the ways I'm celebrating Lent this year is by going through the Gospel of John in the 40 days preceding Easter. I've invited you to join along as I'll be posting each week as we go through the Pursuing God's Beauty: Stories from the Gospel of John 6-week DVD Bible Study.

Spoiler Alert: The sixth lesson ends with the resurrection! Continue Reading...

Lent Week 1: Christ in Cosmic Poetry: Discovering Jesus in the Gospel of John

Today Lent begins. I've been waiting for this day. Counting down the days. And Lent is finally here.
During the next six weeks I'm going to be diving into the Gospel of John. I hope you'll join me. Continue Reading...

God Loves Foodies, Too

Margaret —  February 20, 2012 — 2 Comments


My friend, Reverend Michael Blewett, is not only the pastor of Christ Episcopal Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but he's also one of those crazed foodies-the kind that orders spices and kitchenware from elite stores. He can distinguish between types of black peppers, flavors salts, cuts of meat, densities of fats, and much, much more. Michael is kind of a foodie super hero to me.

But Michael doesn't leave his passion for food at home-he carries it into the church and community. On Wednesday nights, Christ Episcopal Church serves the hungry. But don't expect mystery casserole or save-the-scraps soup. Instead, the church, serves home-cooked, made-from-scratch, gourmet-style meals to the community.

When interviewed about his approach, Michael says, "My philosophy was not to skimp on anything. We're not going to buy the half-rotten meat and try to make it taste good."

Instead, they serve colorful chopped vegetables, high-end chilis, and tasty soup. The food is good, nutritional, and fresh. And the message that's invariably communicated to those who eat is that you, too, have value as a child of God, loved by God.

What I love most about Michael's approach is that he communicates God's love through the quality of the food that's served.

Do you have any stories of someone in your community who is making a difference by taking a fresh approach to service and ministry? If so, I'd love to hear from you!


*Photo courtesy of here

**Michael was recently featured in the Bowling Green Daily News. To learn more about his church, click here. To check out Michael's poignant blog, Under God's Fingernails, click here.

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