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A Lesson From The Invisible Man: Liu Bolin

Invisibility is not just meant for Harry Potter. Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist, is known internationally for becoming invisible. Bolin paints himself into his surroundings, making himself virtually undetectable as part of the background. He will stand there for up to ten hours, with strangers only alerted to his presence by his movement.

Why use the paintbrush to become invisible? Continue Reading...

Say "Yes" to All God Has For You

I've been busy today proofing the DVD for Pursuing God: Stories of God's Love from the Book of Genesis. The study invites readers to engage in this foundational book of the Bible. One of the lessons focuses on the life of Abraham (the Biblical rockstar formerly known as Abram).

As I proofed the material, I was again reminded of the amazing journey of this father of the faith. Continue Reading...

How To Handle Awkward Silence In A Small Group

I recently posed the following question on Facebook and Twitter:

When you are leading a small group and you ask a question and no one responds how do you handle the situation? Continue Reading...